Local Logic Welcomes Linda J. Isaacson to Board of Directors

MONTREAL – (BUSINESS WIRE) – Local Logic, a location intelligence platform that provides powerful insights to home buyers, real estate professionals and developers, announced today that Linda J. Isaacson has joined the board of directors and Audrey Whittington has joined the executive team as vice president of Sales .

Linda is New York based and currently serves as Managing Director, Global Head of Innovation + Technology at Ferguson Partners, a global talent management boutique specializing in executive, recruiting and management consulting services for real assets, hospitality and healthcare specialized. Linda focuses on aligning C-suite and board leadership, cutting edge technology, big data and digital processes that impact the built environment. She also serves on the boards of several high profile real estate organizations, including the Urban Land Institute and CRETech.

“With Local Logic’s unique perspective on placemaking and urban planning, Vincent and his team have made this company one of the world’s leading location research companies,” said Linda. “I look forward to helping Local Logic build industry connections and develop strategic initiatives that will take them to the next level and beyond.”

“Since securing our Series A funding round last year, Local Logic has worked hard to accomplish our mission of bringing critical location intelligence to the traditional home buying, development, and town planning processes. As part of that process, we’ve been in the situation.” Bringing on a number of seasoned board members and consultants such as Linda to help us develop our platform as well as our growing list of users across North America, ”said Vincent-Charles Hodder, Co-Founder and CEO of Local Logic. Their incredible experience and expertise in real estate data and predictive analytics across sales, governance, and setting key standards for data usage will be vital as we work to uncover the most meaningful insights and continue to grow our marketplace . We are incredibly excited to have you on our Board of Directors and look forward to leveraging your unique perspective in the months and years to come. ”

As Vice President of Sales, Audrey will be responsible for nurturing and leading a talented sales team to achieve Local Logic’s sales goals in Canada and the United States.

She lives in Washington, DC and has a long history in real estate technology. Prior to joining Local Logic, she was vice president of strategic data partnerships for nearly a decade and then vice president of business development at Move Inc. Audrey holds an MBA from the George Washington University School of Business and a bachelor’s degree from the University of Colorado Boulder.

“I look forward to bringing my real estate expertise to this growing and innovative company,” said Audrey. “Through the creative talents of his diverse leadership, Local Logic has developed a unique product for the industry – one that is characterized by tremendous flexibility, ease of use, sales potential and offers an exciting perspective on location-based data.”

Local Logic provides the largest data set for location information in North America – with more than 30 billion data points spanning more than 200 million properties. By combining traditional real estate data with a variety of alternative data sources, the platform brings transparency to the real estate market by analyzing how external factors such as noise, liveliness, accessibility, transit access and quality of schools affect market demand.

This creates a new level of certainty about property-level properties that have long been treated as subjective, and helps clients – both in the public and private sectors – determine the highest and best use of a given asset, and more accurately, more efficiently and enable more successful investment decisions.

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Local Logic is a data and analytics platform that quantifies the qualities of a particular location – from suburban homes to urban skyscrapers to retail. Founded by a team of city planners, engineers, data scientists and real estate experts, the company combines geospatial, user-generated data and real estate data to provide a holistic perspective on cities, the way people perceive and value them, and how technology can provide transparency introduce into the real estate market. The consumer-centric tools can be found on websites like REMAX.com, Sotheby’s, Inside Real Estate, Realtor.ca and others.

With more than 30 billion unique data points – the largest unique location data set in the United States and Canada – Local Logic provides predictive, accurate analytics to inform decision makers about building and investing in the urban environment. The company has partnered with numerous leading real estate developers and property management firms, including DevMcGill, Ivanhoe Cambridge, and Midwood Investment and Development.

Learn more at locallogic.co.