Local Realtors Talk Local Real Estate Sales Boom to Out of Staters

A record number of homes are being sold to non-state buyers across Aroostook County. Shawn Cunningham speaks to some local realtors who say the pandemic has proven to be a driving force for people looking to move.

A quiet street in Caribou. But there is talk in these houses and throughout the county. Talk about the new neighbors. And there are plenty of new neighbors calling Northern Maine home right now, say many local realtors.

Stephanie Fields Realtor, Fields Realty LLC.

“You hear people say it’s the best-kept secret. Apparently more and more people are coming to the area, but they think it’s a safer place to live.”

Cathy Duffy Realtor, Progressive Realty

“When I talk to them it’s like you want to come here. They don’t know anyone and they said we picked the card, put our finger on it and said we were going upstairs.”

Jane Towle Realtor ReMax County

“It’s really a city-to-country push and that has been determined by several listing services across the country. So we’ve seen such pushes before, but never city-to-country, we’ve seen country to city.”

Shawn Cunningham NO STANDUP

And people from all over the country flock to North Maine. It’s a hot real estate region right now. While realtors say the pandemic was certainly a nudge and a driving force, the county has a number of other offerings for new residents.


“One of them is that people are looking for privacy, which means that privacy means different things to different people. This could mean half an acre if you can’t touch your neighbor on either side. For some, that could mean up to a hundred acres, we’ve got it all. “

Another problem … SECURITY.


“Security There is so much unrest in urban areas that they are just looking for security.”

And another trend that all of these brokers claim to have encountered. The effects of virtual. They say they have been to a number of successful virtual tour negotiations and deals … and have sold homes across the county. SITE UNSEEN.


“People can work for a company in Florida but live in Maine.”


“We just closed at one on Friday and they hadn’t seen the property until they got here and when they walked in they loved it.”


“I see you and you love it here, you just love it and it couldn’t be a better place to live.”

Great place to live that is getting a lot of word of mouth now … and new residents now call this great place to live at home. Shawn Cunningham, NS 8.

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