Marketing Tips for Real Estate Agents: 5 Ways to Make Your Real Estate Videos Look Like ‘MTV Cribs’

We all remember the extravagant houses we dreamed of on MTV Cribs. How cool would it be if potential buyers passed out over your own show homes too? You can definitely bring this fantasy to life! Here are five ways you can make your real estate videos look like MTV Cribs.

1st live event

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, companies have had to adapt to the latest and most effective marketing tactic: the live stream. It’s amazing what you can do with a stable internet connection and video services in real time. You can even plan to showcase a new home during a live stream event!

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2. Make certain changes

The word we’re shooting for here is actually a highlight. When showing off a new home to your clients, there is often a lot to see, including beautiful decor, impressive spacing, modern innovations and much more. It can be difficult to show the essence of all of the home’s amazing features in one short video. Short, enticing clips can describe all the special features of the house much better.

With a little fly editing, creating these short clips will be a crucial part. Not only do they focus on different components of the house, but shorter videos are more convenient to share and discuss on social media. In true “MTV Cribs” fashion, adding fresh music to each clip is a great way to introduce your audience to the content.

3. Hire freelance creative directors and / or interior designers

Getting extra help is never a bad idea! Creative directors and interior designers are constantly finding new ways to bring art to life. This also includes dazzling your exhibition space. Not only will they make the home look gorgeous, but you’ll also get more views: the freelance workers will be promoting their work on their respective platforms, which in turn will make your home stand out even more! It is the creative cycle of life.

Here are some freelance creative directors you can take inspiration from:

  • Curtis Taylor, Jr .: Also known as “Mr. Bad Beard, ”Curtis has a long and impressive history of curating special events and content that highlight remarkable black art. He is sure to make any house a home.
  • Nicole Gibbons: This interior designer made it her business to bring the vision of her clients to life. Watch your dreams of this stylish woman come true.

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4. Light, camera, action

Whenever we watched MTV Cribs, we always expected how our favorite stars would live. We also loved seeing these celebrities show off their personalities as they give us a tour of their home. Your agency may not have the budget for an actual celebrity, but there is another option: an influencer.

Influencers do a pretty prominent job; They influence the audience on what to wear, what products to use, and even what to eat. You can also have a say in where you want to live! Hire an influencer to take an actual tour of the house in front of the camera. Not only would this be fun for the influencer and their brand, but it would add more personality to the property you’re looking to sell.

5. Highlight your videos

“MTV Cribs” is a well known program and your real estate agent should be known too! Sometimes all it takes is a clever name or title to get noticed. This is a great time to play around in your creative bag and come up with a catchy title for your videos. At best, these videos can go viral and get recognized because of the standout name you give them.