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Professionals need to break away from the call-out culture and learn how to involve people for a truly inclusive workplace.

TORONTO, Jan. 12, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – Call-out culture can destroy a workplace. Matrix360, a talent management and workplace strategy company, is working with employers to instead use a “call-in culture” to build stronger relationships and learn how to effectively address diversity and inequalities in the workplace.

Call-out culture is the practice of publicly shaming someone – mostly on social media – for transgressions such as intentionally or unintentionally using insensitive language and behaving inappropriately harmful to others.

That can alienate members of a team and quickly lead to increased hostility, said Chandran Fernando, managing partner of Matrix360, if there are better ways to address and resolve the situation.

“We need to rethink all the ways we normally address racism and injustice in the workplace, and the call-out culture is perhaps the most toxic method of all,” said Fernando.

For two decades, Matrix360 has led and worked with commercial real estate, development and private equity companies to address, build and develop teams and a workplace culture by embracing the power of diversity and incorporating equity into the business framework.

Its approach, modeled on the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, forms the basis for prioritizing and tackling inequalities in the workplace and building a culture of excellence.

Matrix360 works with business leaders and their teams to create bespoke, actionable plans that nurture talent in the workplace and create meaningful conversations. Its services include:

  • Diversity and Equity Programs.
  • Succession planning and change management.
  • Professional development opportunities.
  • Improving employee loyalty.
  • Tools for compensation and equity management.
  • Assessment of employee skills.

Matrix360 programs can help companies break the “call-out” culture and develop a more productive “call-in” culture. Fernando believes that change starts with a better understanding of the operational culture and needs of the people and then evolves into a new way of thinking.

“Call-out culture operates out of a powerless mindset, the haves versus the haves. It scapegoats and removes people from the conversation when we all, intentionally or involuntarily, make mistakes based on the narratives we have inherited and our experience, ”said Fernando.

“More conversations need to be conducted without assigning blame, shame, or guilt. Conversations must include active listening and focus on transparency, accountability and responsibility for past, present and future actions. “

Matrix360 can train workplace teams how to effectively practice the call-in culture and create “bolder spaces, not safer spaces”.

  • Addressing problems privately without being dismissive.
  • Active listening to both sides of a conversation to promote understanding and awareness.
  • Keeping respect at the heart of every interaction.
  • Hold those in power responsible for making the changes they promise.
  • Learning from the perspectives and experiences of others.
  • Use the knowledge from the background of each individual to strengthen the team.

“I firmly believe that we must learn to approach everything with kindness and gratitude in order to address past mistakes and malicious behavior,” said Fernando. “We have to unlearn in order to learn again.”

Companies in any industry can benefit from the Matrix360 approach, particularly in commercial real estate, development and private equity where opportunities for diverse and underrepresented groups have historically been limited.

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