Merging Creativity with Strategy — How Personal Branding Agency eLuminate Marketing is Changing the Social Media Industry

Our society is forever changing. And yet, social media seems here to stay! It proves nearly impossible to think of a world where friends, family, or even strangers aren’t connected by the wonders of the world wide web through their social media accounts. However, what does change is the way we use These social media platforms — Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter aren’t the same as they were a few years ago. And nor are its users! To keep up with the contemporary use of social media channels, personal branding agency eLuminate Marketing employs a unique mixture of creativity and strategy. And with success! The social media agency in West Palm Beach helps hundreds of clients reach (and exceed) their marketing goals.

Founder, CEO and Chief Keep Clients Happy Officer, Lyndsi Edgarstarted eLuminate Marketing, to develop strategic and customizable marketing plans with impactful content for small to medium-sized businesses. In addition to this, Lyndsi and her team now also offer strategy and content development for individuals’ personal brands, such as real estate agents, business owners, lawyers and salespeople.

In this highly competitive business, an innovative mindset is a downright necessity. To ensure the teams’ peak performance and to keep the creative juices flowing, Lyndsi holds brainstorming sessions to stay on top of the industry and remain innovative for their clients.

“It’s important to always be learning, looking at what’s working and pivot when needed,” Lyndsi explains.

Be that as it may, a lot of personal branding agencies tend to forget all about strategy as they’re chasing unbound creativity. “Although a creative approach is a prerequisite to a successful marketing campaign, implementing it with the correct strategy is equally important,” says Lyndsi.

At eLuminate Marketing, the marketing team continues to have a strategic mindset that takes into account specific target audiences and tailors each campaign to their preferences. In doing so, the company not only knows when and where to best reach their client’s audience, they also understand what tone of voice and visual design appeals to them most.

Lyndsi concludes, “Within the first three months of working with us, our clients see an increase in impressions, reach, engagement and website clicks because of our spot-on strategy development and impactful content.”

With their unique merging of creativity and strategy, the social media agency from West Palm Beach proves to be a forerunner for marketing agencies. Visit eLuminate Marketing’s website to discover their valuable educational content about all things branding and content creation. Interested to see how eLuminate Marketing can help you reach your best audiences? Book a consultation with Lyndsi and her team here!