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TAMPA, FL / ACCESSWIRE / February 3, 2021 / Real estate marketing based training company The Iconic Agent is pleased to announce the launch of its new website. The website focuses on little-known but effective lead generation strategies for realtors looking to attract new home buyers. Iconic Agent’s training and mentoring program focuses on Iconic Agent – New Build Marketing for Brokers.

According to Damon Greene, the founder, most real estate agents overlook new homes and focus on the limited resale inventory, partly due to increased home sales during the pandemic.

Greene mentioned that most of the realtors across the country are competing for listings and resales, but the new home market is heavily overlooked and offers opportunities for brokers willing to attract new leads and home buyers.

Real estate agents who sell new homes well maintain and regularly track a steady pipeline of potential clients. Without knowing how to market new build homes, agents across the country are missing out on a goldmine of opportunity.

Damon Greene of The Iconic Agent explains, “The Iconic Agent website and training provides a simple three-step process that shows real estate agents how to use data to dictate decisions and generate quality leads with a real buying intent. We literally bring Google do this by telling the brokers what buyers are looking for. Then let the prospects contact the broker instead of the broker following the prospect. “

In other words, the relaunched website is helping brokers take the guesswork and stress of unqualified leads by showing agents how to set up a system that encourages prospective buyers to contact the agents directly.

Many new home buyers want a new build because a newly built home gives buyers the opportunity to get exactly what they are looking for from scratch.

“The Iconic Agent New Construction Marketing Mastery is a proven system that is attracting new construction buyers,” explains Greene. “This is not comparable to the typical lead generation service or the enraged Facebook course on real estate lead generation. Our customers build a quality pipeline and close deals. They no longer deal with endless dead-end leads. We help agents with this To Build The Trust You Need Sell at any price you want and do so repeatedly. I personally work with customers to make sure they get results. “

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Greene also stated, “In 2020 alone, even in the middle of a pandemic, we’ve been helping agents sell new Bauhaus buildings and generate an extra sale or two, to agents who have made dozen of sales on the same system and all of them with an ROI of over 500X. Our agents have access to a proven system and hands-on help from our team to ensure success. “

The Iconic Agent is so confident in their methods that they have provided a free 40-minute training video for real estate agents detailing the entire three-step process so agents can execute the strategy immediately.

One key point Greene points out is that today’s shoppers are more likely to use search engines than social media platforms when looking for a home. While a relatively small fraction of buyers use social media platforms such as Facebook, it is far more likely that they will initiate a search on a search engine such as Google or Bing. With Google having the highest search traffic in the world by a wide margin, it’s the logical choice for agents who want high-quality leads that turn into buyers.

Greene and the team at The Iconic Agent find that selling new build homes is one of the easiest sales a real estate agent can make for a couple of important reasons. For one, brokers have to deal with much less stress from limited inventory. Next, realtors who put The Iconic Agent’s teachings into practice can build a high quality pipeline of leads for new designers to access a pool of potential buyers in the future. That alone, with a steady pipeline, helps eliminate the average agent’s need to live commission to commission.

Finally, in 2021, Greene mentioned plans to start a new construction marketing podcast where he will speak to various industry leaders and share insights and strategies for brokers to differentiate themselves in real estate marketing and new build generation.

Regarding the podcast, Greene explains, “Given the success of our clients, it only makes sense to expand the reach of our teaching and become a useful resource for real estate agents across the country. Launching a podcast is a great way to introduce them to agents new information and it will further strengthen our mission. “

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Originally published February 3, 2021, 8:00 a.m.