New This Year – Keynote Marketing Showcase With 7 Speakers

What’s better than one closing keynote? How about 7! (1 speaker still TBA.) The final presentation of the 2022 Rocks Digital Marketing Conference will be the Keynote Marketing Showcase. This fun and fast-paced session will include 7 speakers giving brief 5-minute presentations on one digital marketing strategy that has made a difference in their business or their clients’ businesses. The speakers for Keynote Marketing Showcase are not just marketers, but business owners. They found a hack that worked well for them and will be sharing it with you.

Let’s Meet the Keynote Marketing Showcase Speakers

To make this showcase even more fun and exciting, our emcee will be author, entrepreneur and professional keynote speaker, Dean Lindsay. Dean is going to kick off the showcase with the first presentation. You can bet that throughout this showcase, he’ll not only keep the timing on track, but share some invaluable knowledge-bombs you will not want to miss!

Dean Lindsay, Author, Speaker, Entrepreneur, Emcee

Optimism Is an Asset

Award-winning business author Dean Lindsay – CEO of The Progress Agents LLC and Founder of World Gumbo Publishing – is a successful entrepreneur, a skilled business culture consultant and a powerful keynote speaker with a humorous and engaging approach. You can watch videos of Dean in action at

The popular host of the upbeat business program “The DEAN’s List,” airing on C-Suite Network TV, Dean has been hailed as an “Outstanding Thought Leader on Building Priceless Business Relationships” by Sales and Marketing Executives International, as well as “The Dean of Sales and Service” by Business Class News and “America’s Progress Agent” by The Strategic HR Forum.

Dean’s books, including How To Achieve Big Phat Goals (recommended as one of the “15 best goal setting books to read on, have sold over 100,000 copies worldwide and have been translated into Chinese, Hindi, Polish, Korean, Spanish and Greek. Dean’s latest book, Progress Leadership: Say No to Change Management, is the winner of the Business Class News Editors’ Choice Award for Book of the Year. Dean’s next book, Optimism Is an Asset, is being released in the fall of 2022.

Heather Nichols, Digital Marketing Consultant

Bots for Business

“You can have almost anything in life you want if you just help enough other people get what they want,” is the Zig Ziglar quote on which Heather Nichols bases her business model and life. Through a 10-year corporate sales career, she learned that she DIDN’T want to be salesy but DID want to build a relationship with happy customers – regardless of what business she was in. So in 2012, she left corporate America to prove that better marketing will improve brand affinity and also support more sales.

Driven to serve the entrepreneur community with the mission of creating a more powerful PEOPLE business, Heather started Big Harvest Marketing. Connecting a business’ goals to the right strategy and tactics to support them, Heather is the Lead Consultant, providing done-for-you services ranging from web design and SEO to social media, paid advertising and complete digital marketing plans.

Her clients have ranged from coaches and consultants to franchises and partnering on projects for AT&T Small Business, the Ziglar Corporation, and

Heather’s mission through Big Harvest Marketing is to help ensure your digital marketing supports more sales, empowering you to reach more customers faster and impacting the world at a higher level with your product or service.

Tim Nichols, Author, Speaker, Influence Hacker

Weapons of Mass Influence: Emojis

Tim Nichols works directly with business professionals through his coaching and consulting programs. He guides them to growth-hack influence in their market, transforming them from being the “Qualified Resource” that everyone knows to the “Trusted Advisor” that everyone seeks.

Tim’s guidance has yielded proven results of leadership roles, board positions, exclusive committees, appointed positions, referral generation, increased revenue, promotions and salary raises.

In 2012, Tim Nichols left the big-name banks and brokerage firms to open an independent financial practice in a town where he knew no one. Beginning with $0 in Assets Under Management, he had grown his practice to $3,000,000 in Assets Under Management within his first 12 months. By metrics used in the financial industry, he had grown his practice by 3,000,000% with no print, radio, digital or social media advertising. It was the sole result of his “3,000,000% Process.”

A firm believer in the Zig Ziglar ideology that you can have everything you want in life if you’ll help enough other people get what they want, he began mentoring other business owners to grow as he had grown. By 2018, Tim had authored a book and developed a training curriculum that helps business owners, entrepreneurs and professionals overcome the challenges of creating strategic relationships, networking frustration, marketing confusion, building credibility and self-isolation.

In April 2019, Tim found that the demand for his relationship marketing strategies had progressed into a stand-alone business that required his full attention. After 17 years as a Financial Advisor, Tim sold his financial practice to transform business professionals into dynamic influencers.

Christine Snyder, Entrepreneur, Mentor

Winning Big by Augmenting Your Marketing Company’s Online Efforts

As the founder of Snyder’s Carpet Care, Christine Snyder has more than 20 years as an entrepreneur. Snyder’s is one of the top-rated cleaning companies in Dallas and has now spread its wings into real estate investing. Christine generously shares her knowledge and experience as a mentor with new business owners. She has a reputation for her honest advice and solid integrity. Sharing her business in both social media and marketing campaigns, Christine is a true relationship builder. She and her tribal network build a referral-minded sense of community both online and face-to-face.

Christine has served in leadership roles in ABWA (American Business Women’s Association) and Master Networks, and has been an active member in both organizations. She is a life-long learner and works to stay up-to-date on the latest products, technology and marketing trends.

Christine and long-time partner Brent love country & western dancing and cruising, and are the proud parents of three fur babies. When she’s not FIGHTING DIRTY at Snyder’s Carpet Care, renovating a new investment property, or taking a walk with the pups, you’ll find her on the dance floor or on a large body of water, with Cozumel being a favorite destination.

Victoria Warner, Registered Nurse and Licensed Attorney

Applying the Facebook Five to Get New Business

Victoria Warner is the owner of Rowlett Family Law. Victoria’s dedication to her clients and profession is shown in all aspects of her work. Her passion for the law fuels her success as an attorney, while her nursing experience brings her compassion and a personal touch to communication.

She is a Member and Fellow of the College of the State Bar of Texas. She has been named pro bono attorney of the year for Rockwall County for the years of 2003–2004 and 2006–2007 and runner-up for 2004–2005 and 2010. Victoria is also a member of The Collaborative Law Institute of Texas as well as the Rockwall Collaborative Family Law Alliance. She enjoys photography, traveling – and being involved in local community events and causes.

Lauren Withrow-Edgar, Marine, Journalist, Social Media Strategist

People-Centered Social Media

Lauren Withrow-Edgar was working as a journalist/photographer/graphic designer at a small-town paper in East Texas in 2017 when tornadoes hit and damaged many homes in the area. She had utilized personal social media accounts to relay information from the emergency management coordinator to residents and surrounding areas before, during and after the inclement weather. County officials asked for Lauren’s help in creating social media accounts as ways to spread vital information. After that time, through word-of-mouth, companies and business owners began requesting social media management, strategy, consulting and content creation from Lauren as part of their overall marketing strategies.

From serving in the Marine Corps to working at a newspaper to aiding businesses by developing social media strategies and creating content, Lauren has enjoyed every step of the journey that led her here! She resides in Garland with her husband Brandon, two rescue dogs (Sky and Luka) and loves to spend time with her kids, Ella, Adin, Dirk and Leah! She loves the Dallas Mavericks and the music of Andy Grammer, and watches episodes of The Office and Psych on an eternal loop while working.

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