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TAMPA, Florida., July 5, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Despite some ongoing market turmoil due to the ongoing economic impact of the pandemic, the Urban Bay Housing Fund continued to highlight its signature commercial real estate (CRE) and bridging loans as a great way for investors to get a head start. Urban bay is led by Caleb Walsh, nationally recognized real estate expert and one of the Top 100 People in Real Estate to be watched by Top 100 Magazine. Providing bridging loans for over 12 years, Urban bay specializes in helping people who have had problems with a bank in the past.


Urban Bay Housing Fund: Knowing when to invest is half the battle
“Many investors may have concerns or confusion about the commercial real estate market, especially in the troubled times we live in,” said Caleb Walsh. “Some sectors will face challenges for some time to come. But leveraging these slowdowns – especially in areas like office space, hospitality, and retail real estate – can be an absolute financial boon for both relatively short-term and long-term investment strategies. Bridging loans are an area where investors are likely to find consistently low risk and high returns when compared to similar fixed income investments. Urban bay offers borrowers fast-closing loans, usually for the purchase or renovation of investment properties nationwide. “

Commercial real estate and bridging loans are hard cash loans that offer a variety of features for investors who have solid experience but are frustrated by the increasingly rigid algorithms used by financial institutions to turn down lenders. A nationally recognized leader in the acquisition, development, and management of multi-family and commercial real estate in the United States, Urban bay offers commercial property and investment property bridging loans across the country. Urban bay is the perfect option for those who have previously said no to the bank, while also helping those who feel that their creditworthiness is not entirely perfect. Urban bay Bridging loans are ideal for:

  • Buyers who want to seize new property investment opportunities now but need funds from existing properties to secure down payments.
  • Capital obtained immediately that can be used quickly without having to wait for existing properties to be sold.
  • Short term loans that offer flexibility, often with a grace period before the monthly payments begin.
  • We’re helping borrowers who now have great income and payment histories but are still recovering from less than perfect lending in the past.

“We are here to support investors throughout the process: from acquisition to construction to mortgage purchase,” said Walsh. “We’re a private company that allows us to handle everything from underwriting to lending and handling everything in-house. This allows our process to be the fastest on the market, so investors can avoid all of the bureaucracy that can completely ruin a company can be a good opportunity. And we are also expanding the variety of our services and financial loans to include real estate and projects that government-supported organizations could never lend. “

Reduction of offers on average by $ 20 million at once, Urban bay urges potential investors to act now. Go online and learn more by completing a short application process.

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The Urban Bay Housing Fund Group consists of highly qualified real estate specialists with diverse and differentiated expertise in all areas of the commercial real estate industry. Specializes in multi-family and hospitality off-market transactions as the core of its commercial acquisitions Urban bay buys and holds lucrative, self-managed real estate companies in key markets before matching them with the best complementary franchises – with a broad focus on real estate in the Western and American markets Southern United States. Learn more at:

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