Opoly opens up real estate investing from $100

Opoly opens real estate investments from $ 100 with first successful deal.

Over the weekend, Opoly successfully met funding target on their third real estate crowdfunding deal, which allowed Daily Kiwis to co-purchase a section of Oamaru for $ 105,000.

By investing at least $ 100 per share, 115 members of the public will co-own the property. They will have a stake in proportion to their investment and hope for capital growth in three years if projected on-site growth is met.

Most of the investors came from Auckland (32), Wellington (27) and Canterbury (13) with investors from 14 of the 16 regions. The two regions with no investors were Gisborne and Southland. There was also a foreign investor.

The concept is called “blocked property” and is the brainchild of Opoly founder Felix Watkins.

“We are excited to make real estate investments accessible and possible for all Kiwis, regardless of their wealth status,” said Watkins.

1,050 shares were sold at NZ $ 100 per share, which is 100% of the company.

The property is located at Lot 33 Ashburn Street in Oamaru.

“We chose to focus on Oamaru as the population density has increased, suggesting that the land is being made available but not keeping pace with the increasing population growth. Unlike many other asset classes, land is tangible, and given the current climate, it’s hard to see land sink as the population grows in the future, ”said Watkins.

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