Peterson and Winters run for village president | Covid-19

ROCKTON – Trustees John Peterson and Dave Winters are running for village president after 76-year-old Dale Adams announced he will not run in the April election.

Dave Winters, 51, has served on the board for 16 years. He was a member of the Administrative Committee that oversees the Police and Legal Departments, as well as the Roads and Sidewalks Committee.

He is currently a project manager at Macktown Construction. He graduated from Beloit Memorial High School and received a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Management / Marketing from UW-Platteville.

Winters said he took great pride in the growth in the Walmart area on Rockton Road, new business in the downtown area, and as a negotiator for all police contracts. He helped build the Rockton Sports Complex and create the Historic Preservation Ordinance. He said he and trustee Cory Magnus led the 1% sales tax approved by voters for road works in the village.

Winters said his priority is financial responsibility.

“We haven’t had any financial reserves for years and I really want to have a plan,” he said.

Winters said the treatment plant will need major renovations in the next five to ten years since it was built in the 1950s and it costs a lot of maintenance.

“At some point a major correction has to be made and we have to be ready,” said Winters.

When he was elected, Winters said he wanted to make sure the quality of life is maintained at the village’s family-friendly events.

He said he was approachable and planned to set office hours to meet with residents and give departments more accountability and control.

Winters is married to Karrie and has two college-age children.

John Peterson, 55, was a member of the planning committee and served on the board for 12 years. He was chairman of the Budget and Finance Committee, member of the Administrative Committee and chairman of the Committee on Public Works.

He is a real estate agent with Remax Valley Realtors in Roscoe. He is active in the Rockton Lions Club, serves on the Sponsorship and Entertainment Committee for Old Settlers Days, and is this year’s Chairman of the Old Settlers Day Committee. He graduated from Galva High School in 1983 in Galva, Illinois.

Peterson said the board improved the athletic fields, brought Chemtool to the area, increased retail growth on Rockton Road, launched the Rockton River Market, and eliminated property taxes.

However, Peterson said the budget was a big problem.

“In my opinion, our focus should be on deleveraging from a rainy day feel good fund. We’ve done some big projects over the years, but that has resulted in a build-up of debt. I want to repay our debts to give us the freedom to do other projects in the future. I am confident that the road tax will free up general funds that we would normally have to use on road repairs to clear some of our debt. A budget surplus would be nice, but I’d rather pay back loans that we pay interest on than have money there that earns very little interest, ”he said.

Peterson said the village departments need a little more management, leadership and clear goals.

If elected, Peterson plans to continue working with the board to bolster the Rockton Road area with national chains and keep the downtown area full of business.

He said elected officials need to be visible in the community and serve as volunteers. He said he was easy to talk to and social.

“I think you should be just as passionate about listening as you are expressing your views,” said Peterson.

Peterson is married to Sheryl and they have two grown daughters.