Priority Life Positions for Explosive Growth by Choosing to Partner with Integrity Marketing Group

Priority Life has grown rapidly since Ayala started the company and offers life insurance products to consumers through agents in nearly every state. The company placed itself $ 28 million in the annual premium paid in 2020 for more than 40,000 Americans.

“Nick has a strong lead generation background, so he understands the importance of having access to the right data to growing a business today,” he said Bryan W. Adams, Co-Founder and CEO of the Integrity Marketing Group. “Integrity’s platform offers not only cutting-edge technology, but also resources and products that are exclusive to our partners. Adding these tools to their arsenal ensures that Priority Life continues to grow at its phenomenal pace. Nick is a real team player and his energy will fuel growth. ” Integrity family. ”

“Integrity has a commitment to innovation that immediately attracted me,” he said Nick Ayala, President of Priority Life. “We have expanded so rapidly that we have realized that we need more infrastructure and technology to achieve our goals. Partnering with Integrity gives us both a connection to the incredible industry leaders who are part of the Integrity partner network. It is life-changing and humbling to call myself a partner with so many industry legends. The opportunities that present themselves are nothing short of exciting. “

Priority Life now has access to Integrity’s full platform of proprietary technology and business functions, including CRM, research and development, data solutions, accounting, human resources, product development and marketing. All partners within the Integrity partner network have access to strategies and best practices echoed by symbols that have shaped the insurance industry through decades of experience. In addition, Priority Life can now offer its employees meaningful corporate participation through the Integrity Employee Ownership Plan.

“When Nick chooses to do something, he’s 100 percent going and his approach to integrity is no different,” he said Shawn Meaike, Managing Partner of Integrity and President of Family First Life. “He’s an incredibly hard worker and it has paid off as his business has grown. His team has already made progress, but this partnership will bring his business to a level he couldn’t achieve on his own. It enables him to achieve more . ” Serving families, better agents, and helping employees gain ownership. This partnership is really a powerful step for everyone. “

“Priority Life is one of the fastest growing agencies we have ever seen,” he said Andrew Taylor, Managing Partner of Integrity and President of Taylor Financial. “With this partnership, you will now benefit from the ‘Integrity Effect’ which we know will accelerate your expansion faster than you could ever do it alone. Integrity’s extensive platform support allows the partners to focus on what is for them most important is.” Advance their core business goals while Integrity does the rest. “

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Information about the Integrity Marketing Group
Integrity Marketing Group headquartered in Dallas, Texasis the leading independent distributor of life and health insurance products, focused on meeting Americans everywhere – in person, over the phone, and online. Integrity is an innovation for insurance companies by developing cutting edge technologies designed to simplify and streamline the health experience for everyone. In addition, Integrity develops exclusive products with insurance company partners and markets these products through its distribution network, which includes other major insurance agencies across the country. Integrity’s nearly 5,000 employees work with over 325,000 independent agents who serve more than seven million customers annually. In 2021, Integrity expects to help insurance carriers with the handover $ 3.5 billion in a new premium. More information is available at

About the Priority Life Insurance Group
Priority Life headquartered in Boca Raton, Floridais one of the fastest growing life insurance agencies in the end-cost, life insurance and mortgage protection sectors. Priority Life takes pride in the number of families they protect and their agents who are passionate about keeping families first. In 2020, they served over 40,000 Americans with over $ 28 million in premium. For more information on their commitment to excellence, please visit

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