RE/MAX Apex office can serve up a cold one to staff and clients at its bar

LITHOPOLIS −There are no doubt hundreds of real estate offices across the country. But most do not have a fully-equipped working bar in them. The RE/MAX Apex office at 9 E. Columbus St. does, however.

Tammy Roberts Myers and her husband, Paul Myers, own the building and real estate agency. Roberts Myers said the building dates back to at least 1810. The previous owners ran a brewery in the building and built the bar about six years or so ago. Roberts Myers and Myers bought the building in 2021.

Besides the bar, the office has the building’s original floors and has four floor levels, of which the agency uses them all.

“We knew we wanted to have an office space that was truly a great place to work,” Roberts Myers said. “But then also could be a pillar in the community. What we want to do is much more than just selling real estate. We want to really be part of the community.”

Therefore, she said the company uses the bar to make treats like root beer floats and honey sundaes during various community events.

“We have the perfect service bar area right there,” Roberts Myers said. “So it’s worked out nicely for us to use it for connectivity.”

But the bar is also for the company’s staff to enjoy.

A view of the bar inside of the REMAX APEX Real Estate Building on Nov. 21, 2022 in Lithopolis, Ohio.  The building dates back to 1810.

“When we have weekly training here for agents we have that big TV behind the bar and our agents can belly up to the bar and that’s where we do the training,” Roberts Myers said. “So it’s really great that people can see and learn in a less traditional way.”

While Roberts Myers and Myers cannot sell beer to the public, they can serve it to staff and clients.

“When you let us sell your house for you or help you buy your house, why not let us serve you a cold one when you do that?” Roberts Myers said. “We always try to have local beers on tap.”

She said the building provides people with a wow factor when they see it for the first time.

“They’re just really surprised,” Roberts Myers said. “Because I think some people might see a real estate office as a sleepy office where people really aren’t there. That is absolutely not what we want. We want to be a lively member of the community. So people are just, I think , in awe when they walk in.”

She said people are glad the building is under local ownership and that its old character is intact.

Bar taps on the bar inside of the REMAX APEX Real Estate Building on Nov. 21, 2022 in Lithopolis, Ohio.  The building dates back to 1810.

“I think in time we’ll enhance and it make it an even better place for people to be,” Roberts Myers said. “Simple things like epoxy the basement floor. That’s on the wish list. So over time we’ll just keep making it better.”

In addition to co-owning the agency and the building, Roberts Myers is also VP of External Communications at Bath & Body Works.

“My night job is paying agents and doing any of the administrative work I can do to be supportive of the brokerage,” she said. “So I’m an active owner, just not here during most of the day.”

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