RE/MAX Names Christopher Alexander President of RE/MAX Canada — RISMedia

RE / MAX, LLC announced that it has named Christopher Alexander as President of RE / MAX Canada. After RE / MAX recently completed the acquisition of the North American regions of RE / MAX INTEGRA, RE / MAX added the provinces of Ontario and Atlantic (approximately 12,000 agents) to its previous list of Western Canada (approximately 7,000 agents). Only the Quebec region remains independently owned within Canada.

In this role, Alexander will lead the brand across Canada, working directly with Executive Vice President Elton Ash and senior executives from the Independent Region of Quebec. Alexander and Ash have proven themselves to be results-oriented leaders in their respective regions and together will continue to share the best practices, strategies and insights to build RE / MAX’s new coherent branding strategy in their own regions in Canada.

“I have full confidence in his ability to continue to strengthen our network and regional teams as we create a unified brand across all of our Canadian regions,” said Nick Bailey, President of RE / MAX. “Under Christopher’s leadership, we aim to scale up and streamline operations in many functions to create a stronger national branding for consumers, agents and franchisees alike.”

The RE / MAX brand has had tremendous success in Canada for more than 40 years. Most recently, the number of RE / MAX agents across Canada rose about 10% year over year at the end of the third quarter of 2021.

“As we evolve as a global brand, it is important that we have strong leadership at the national level to ensure that we are able to respond and adapt to regional differences,” added Bailey. “Christopher’s deep understanding of the Canadian real estate industry and his proven track record of growing brokers and franchisees will make him an integral part of the RE / MAX leadership team.”

Alexander began his career as a RE / MAX sales representative at an independent and operated brokerage company in 2010 before moving to sub-franchisor RE / MAX INTEGRA as a franchise sales advisor in 2014. He then served as the Chief Strategy Officer and Executive Vice President of RE. active / MAX INTEGRA and was responsible for the day-to-day operations as well as the development and monitoring of business strategies. He joined RE / MAX, LLC in July 2021 as Senior Vice President of Canada.

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