RE/MAX Powell River celebrates 20th anniversary

2021 is a milestone for RE / MAX Powell River. Several significant anniversaries are coming up over the next few months, and Realtor Ron Ostensen looks forward to celebrating them with all of his friends and neighbors in Powell River.

“I’ve been back in Powell River for 20 years this year,” says Ron, “and it will be 10 years since I bought the RE / MAX broker from my father. It’s been an amazing journey and I’m looking forward to the next decade. “

Ron came to Powell River with his family from Australia in 1973. His father, Willy, was on a six-week contract as a composer with the Powell River News and never left. He eventually became a broker, a job he had done in Australia, and later had his own brokerage. Meanwhile, Ron graduated from Max Cameron Secondary School and lived and worked in the Fraser Valley for 20 years.

“In 2001, my father started thinking about retirement and an exit strategy,” says Ron. “I had a good career as a commercial gas fitter, but the three hours I commuted each day took their toll. My family and I decided to return to Powell River.

“That year the broker became a RE / MAX office. So this is also RE / MAX Powell River’s 20th anniversary.”

Ron loves Powell River and all that it has to offer, which makes it a lot easier for him to be ambassadors for people who come from out of town to buy real estate.

“In the first few months after we moved, I realized that I was actually having evenings and not knowing what to do with them,” explains Ron. “As a gas installer, I was away from home for 12 hours or more because of the commuting, but at Powell River I could work an eight hour day and only eight hours and 15 hours away from home his log. It was such a novelty! “he adds with a laugh.

2020 was an unusual year for everyone, and the real estate industry was no exception.

“With COVID, we’ve had to do some things that make our job a little more difficult and others that make it easier,” says Ron. “Now we meet customers in the objects that we show them instead of taking them into our cars. We ask homeowners to leave some closet doors open so that we touch less. and we only ask buyers to come into the houses with us.

“But people still want to see the houses in person. You can look at any pictures you want, but people still know when a house is right for them when they enter. “

Like Ron, many new Powell River residents come from the lower mainland, both retirees and more recently families with young children.

“You come here for the lifestyle that I fully understand,” says Ron. “When we were on a mission and wanted to spend a Saturday at the lake, we got up early and drove for over an hour. We still had to hope we could get a parking lot and a nice spot on the beach.

“In Powell River, we can drive 10 minutes to a great, non-busy beach or drive half an hour and be the only ones on the water. It is definitely a liveable lifestyle. “

The RE / MAX Powell River office has 10 realtors who handle home sales, rental management, and shift management. Many of the employees have long been near the Powell River. Office clerk Diane McAdam retired in 2017 after having been in the office for 42 years.

“Diane was a big fixture here. I want to say that I inherited it from my father, ”says Ron. “Diane was a symbol of our office – we are passionate and committed to Powell River and we believe in the work we do and the community we live in.”

The RE / MAX Powell River is located at 4545 Marine Avenue. To find out more about the services offered, contact the office at 604.485.2741 or [email protected]