RE/MAX Tattersall Group moving to new location in downtown Aiken | Business

The RE / MAX Tattersall Group will soon have a new home in downtown Aiken.

Plans to move the real estate company from 120 Laurens Street NW to 314 Richland Avenue West have been completed.

“We’ll probably be in both places for a while – a little bit here and a little bit over there – but I think we’ll be fully relocated by May 1st, if not sooner,” said Ed Girardeau, the RE / belongs. MAX Tattersall in partnership with Tad Barber.

Barber is the agent in charge.

The building that currently houses the RE / MAX Tattersall has an area of ​​6,396 square meters compared to 2,400 at the new location.

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“One thing that became apparent during the (novel coronavirus) pandemic is that we just don’t need that much space,” Girardeau said when asked about the decision to move. “And our lease is running out, so it just seemed time we did something else.”

Richland Avenue is next to the Prime Steakhouse.

“We are very excited to be in the new location,” said Girardeau, a member of Aiken’s city council.

The W. Marsh Burkhalter Jr. Living Trust is, according to land records, the owner of the building that RE / MAX Tattersall is now in.

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Many years ago it was the Patricia Theater, Girardeau said.

Reynolds 3 LLC owns the structure that will be the new home of REMAX / Tattersall.