Real Estate Agents Get Results with These Marketing Tools

Real estate is one of the fastest growing industries in the world today. And as the industry grows, so does the competition. The National Association of Realtors has registered over a million real estate agents to date. Hence, as a real estate agent, your focus should be on developing a solid marketing plan to stay competitive.

Fortunately, there are a variety of marketing strategies that you can use to stay tuned, including digital marketing apps and local marketing tools like postcards for real estate agents. These tools help promote your brand, communicate with your prospects, and generate leads. Here are five results-oriented marketing tools to try in your marketing plan.


Facebook is increasingly becoming the most useful marketing tool for brokers these days. Almost all agents have joined Facebook marketing. Why is that? Facebook has over 2 billion users a month, which means you can reach a wider audience.

Facebook is local too, as is real estate – it means you can target people in specific neighborhoods on their Facebook groups. Another great benefit of using Facebook is the fact that it is visual. People want to see photos and videos of houses before making a decision to buy a property, and Facebook makes it possible.

The first step in Facebook marketing is to set up your company page. Some brokers use their personal Facebook Pages, but building a business page is better for two reasons. First, a company page contains important marketing features that are not available in personal profiles. Second, the business side is professional.

Next, tweak your Facebook business page to get the results you want. Here are a few tips to keep it useful:

· Post videos and photos whenever possible. It’s a great way to keep your followers busy.

· Always reply to comments, whether they are good or bad. This is a sign that you are paying attention to the needs of your potential and current customers.

· Keep the content fresh, original, and customer-focused. Avoid sounding overly promotional in your posts. To stay on the safe side, use the 80/20 rule: 80% customer-centric content and 20% business-centric content.

· Always add tabs of your current entries to the page.

· Use your cover page as a photo gallery to view the properties for sale. Make sure to update the photos regularly.


If you want to promote your brand using images, you should consider Instagram. Unlike Facebook, Instagram is all about photos and videos. And the number of users is mind-boggling, meaning that a single post can reach thousands of people in minutes. This is one of the reasons Instagram is becoming increasingly popular with real estate agents.

Another benefit of using Instagram is that you can see the people who liked your post and these are potential leads. Research also shows that Instagram users earn higher incomes than Facebook users. As such, you stand a high chance of attracting qualified buyers on Instagram.

How to optimize your Instagram page for business

· Determine the types of leads you want to reach and generate content that best suits them.

· Create a real estate Instagram account and keep it purely professional.

· Include an encouraging, engaging, and compelling bio. The biography shows who you are and gives a first impression of your company.

· Add a professional headshot so your clients can see who they are dealing with.

· Tag your account with your company color, logo and anything else that matches your brand image.

· Post the highest quality videos and photos.

· Make use of hashtags when you want to get great SEO results.

Wise pelican

Direct mail still makes it big in the real estate industry. As a versatile real estate agent, you should consider the postcards manufactured by Wise Pelican. They offer hundreds of pre-made templates tailored to your needs and then sent to your clients. They can also make custom templates for you if you wish.

Real estate postcards have several distinct advantages over other marketing tools. They’re memorable and tangible because the recipient can open and read the message as soon as they get the email. Plus, they have a personal touch and help you build a relationship with your customers.

There are several helpful ways you can use Wise Pelican postcards for real estate marketing:

· Offer discounts and offers.

· Follow up of appointments.

· Stay in touch with current and past customers.

· Invite customers to the open house.

· Announcement of new real estate advertisements.

· Promote your business services.

How to get the most out of your postcard marketing campaign

· Define your audience to avoid sending postcards to people who will never use them.

· Choose a great design and size for your postcards.

· Enter the name of the recipient to personalize it.

· Always add a call to action to your postcards.

· Measure the results of the campaign.


This is one of the most widely used lead generation apps for real estate agents. You can generate and nurture leads using marketing automation tools, robust CRM, streamlined landing pages, and Facebook advertising. In other words, with BoldLeads you can generate qualified leads in a short amount of time to increase your sales. BoldLeads collects leads in a specific area and sets you free from competition.

Here are helpful guidelines to help you generate more leads with BoldLeads:

· Create a landing page and fill it in with the contact details of your agency, your track records, pictures and details of the properties for sale.

· Add a lead capture form where visitors share their contact information.

· Set up a Facebook business page and provide your agency details, including links to your website.

· Track your leads using automated marketing tools like text messages, voicemails and emails.


Videos are among the top rated content on search engines. Hence, you may want to include YouTube marketing in your marketing campaign. Research has shown that most social media users prefer videos over text messages. The reasons are simple: Videos are easy to understand and add personality and dimension to the listing.

YouTube has a huge following – over 1 billion monthly users. This is good news for a real estate agent because your YouTube channel allows you to reach a wide audience. But realistically, you cannot reach all of these viewers. You need to be strategic in your YouTube marketing plan. Here are some tips for optimizing your real estate YouTube channel.

· Choose a targeted niche. This means limiting yourself to the people in the neighborhood where you are selling a particular property.

· Add your company’s contact information in the “About” section of the page.

· Take advantage of search engine optimization (SEO) by making optimal use of metadata (title tags and meta descriptions). Add appropriate keywords to the descriptions.

· Post different types of videos such as: B. General industry videos, tips for real estate agents, tips for sellers and buyers, and neighborhood videos. Avoid constantly posting videos of your properties.

· Be active in your post to give your followers a reason to keep visiting.

· Provide a link to your website and a brief call to action.


To be successful in your real estate business, you need to leverage all of the marketing resources available. The marketing tools mentioned above will transform your real estate business and set you apart against the large pool of competitors. It may not be practical to use all of them at once, but you can choose a few that are best for your agency.

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