Real estate company planning to bring new center to Lumberton

A Starbucks is almost fully operational on the site, and developers are hoping to introduce other popular restaurants like a Chick-fil-A.

LUMBERTON, Texas – Residents of Lumberton and the surrounding areas may soon have a new shopping and dining destination thanks to a Houston-based real estate company.

Plans are in the works for a retail development area off Highway 69, south of Lumberton High School. The brains behind the upcoming development are at NewQuest Properties.

NewQuest Properties is a privately held full-service commercial real estate company.

NewQuest employees explore smaller areas for high growth and development. They saw the perfect cast in Lumberton.

“Lots of young families, wonderful school districts, and a very welcoming community from mayor to council for everyone in this area,” said Andrew Alvis, vice president and development partner of NewQuest Properties.

Alvis said the goal of the development is to provide Lumberton residents and young families with a place to enjoy themselves. The company wants to offer everything from restaurants to ice cream parlors to nail salons.

“We want people to come here in the morning, do a little shopping, have some breakfast, take their kids to school, come back, be able to hang out with their friends while the kids are at school, and then stay there all day until they could pick up their children again,” said Alvis.

A Starbucks is almost fully functional on the site, and the developers are hoping to introduce other popular locations like Chick-fil-A. Developers also plan to add a green space as it has performed well in other development locations such as Katy and Missouri City.

“It’s what people want these days,” Alvis said. “I have two young children and my life revolves around where I can go to take my kids so I can have fun and they can go out and just play and be with friends. So these small green space projects are very important to us.”

Business owners from the region are happy about the growth in the city. They believe it will make Lumberton famous and good for business.

“Brings more traffic through Lumberton,” said Mike Wright, General Manager of Longhorn Liquor. “Hopefully more people will come to the store I’m in, so it’s all positive.”

The development is still in the early planning stages, but Alvis is confident it will be a hit in the area.

“It’s going to be cool,” Alvis said. “We’re moving forward and it’s going to be a place where I think the community will be all about that.”

NewQuest is working with a Beaumont developer who wants to build a food hall on the site. Developers said a tentative date for completion of the new development is late 2023.

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