Real Estate Course returns to RCC in January

Getting into the real estate market just got a lot easier thanks to Robeson Community College. The college restarted its real estate course last fall and has already successfully introduced students to the real estate market.

For Kena Skipper, becoming a real estate agent was something she always wanted to do and thanks RCC for making it happen.

“I would watch HGTV and think this is what I want to do. Find the perfect home for a family, ”said Skipper.

When she saw Robeson Community College were offering the real estate course, she knew it was her time. Skipper started the course in September 2019 and had sold her first house by April.

According to’s August property data release, a hot late summer property market has pushed property prices into double-digit growth territory for the first time since 2017. Low Mortgage Rates According to Martin Stark, Agent for Remax Real Estate in Lumberton, Buyer activity in Robeson County has increased resulting in low inventory levels and an increase in material costs has driven new home prices soaring.

Stark has noticed an influx of agents since the real estate market improved.

“When it’s a good market, it tends to bring more people into the business, and it tends to decline in times of recession,” Stark said. “The good agents are those who can be successful in either case.”

Getting started was easy for Skipper, who is now an agent at Britt & Co. Real Estate Professionals. Skipper has worked for a local timber company for the past 28 years and has managed to keep that job while doing property sales on the side. It sells homes primarily in Robeson County but has customers in Cumberland County as well.

“The market is booming and interest rates are at all-time lows. A lot of people take advantage of buying a new home and it’s a great time to put properties up for sale due to the influx of buyers, ”Skipper said.

Sara Lawing, a Cumberland County real estate agent for over 11 years, is the instructor for the RCC course.

“The real estate pre-licensing class is the first step in opening doors to the future for students who enjoy working with people of all backgrounds and guide them through the challenges of buying, selling or renting real estate,” said Lawing.

The three-month course provides the foundation for anyone looking for a career in real estate, Lawing said.

And, according to Stark, there is always a need for real estate agents. But there will always be a small group of top producers, he said. Not everyone getting into the business is ready to do what it takes to be a top producer.

“Eat, breathe and sleep real estate and always tell the truth,” said Stark. “Succeeding in this business can be extremely difficult for some. However, for the people who are well matched, work hard, love what they do, and use the right tools and techniques, this business can be very rewarding. “

There are several reasons why people choose to become real estate agents. Some people look for a career that offers them flexibility and the potential for good income. Some would like to have an additional part-time job to supplement their income, while others would like to change their careers completely.

“I had college students from their late teens and early twenties to college students in their 80s,” Lawing said.

But as the years go by, the students who attend the class are younger, she said.

Robeson Community College was excited to bring the real estate course back.

“As RCC grows, we are offering more courses and trying to diversify our portfolio. This means bringing back some courses that were offered in the past and looking for new ones to meet the needs of the community, and they don’t have to leave the county to meet their needs, ”said Jamie Collins, director from NCWorks Customized Training at RCC.

Once students complete the course, they must pass a state and national certification exam before becoming an interim broker. Once fully licensed, real estate agents can work with clients of buyers and sellers or with owners as property managers.

“To be a good realtor, you also need to be a consultant, educator, and interior design consultant,” Lawing said. “You are dealing with transactions with many moving parts, while at the same time managing customer expectations and emotions about buying, selling, or managing one personal item: their home.”

Customers rely on the agent’s knowledge and expertise to help protect them as they maneuver through transactions, she said.

“It’s an enormous responsibility, but it’s also very gratifying to help them achieve their goals,” said Lawing.

The RCC course was great and the instructor Sara Lawing was very knowledgeable, said Skipper.

“It is very enriching helping clients find their dream home and it has been one of the most incredible trips. The joy and satisfaction of helping customers find the home of their dreams is phenomenal, ”she said.

The next real estate course at RCC starts in January. For more information or to enroll in the class, contact Collins at 910-272-3404 or visit

Maureen A. Metzger is the Public Information Officer at Robeson Community College. She can be reached by email at [email protected] or by phone at 910-740-3615.