Real Estate – December 29

The following real estate transfers have recently been registered with the Hancock County Recorder’s Office:

November 10th

Clayton Properties Group Inc. to John Rains Jr., 12123 Fall Court, Cumberland / Buck Creek Ward, $ 204,650.

Justin White to Darnell Stewart, 5633 N. Jefferson Drive, Buck Creek Parish, $ 189,500.

Sheila Wicker to Amanda Cunningham, 663 Fern St., Greenfield, $ 130,000.

Clayton Properties Group Inc. to David S. and Alicia J. Barnett, 451 Paymaster Drive, Greenfield, $ 268,915.

Roy A. Thacker to William A. and Margaret K. Stanfield, 7151 W. County Road 500N., Buck Creek Ward, $ 188,500.

DR Horton-Indiana LLC to David J. Willis, 388 Rocky Road, Greenfield, $ 191,230.

November 12th

Andrew Spilker and Kimberly Heagy to Courtney N. Lutz, 1066 W. Center St., Brandywine Ward, $ 122,000.

Pyatt Builders LLC to Andrew B. and Amber L. Cooper, 4663 W. Meadow Lake Drive, Sugar Creek Ward, $ 330,295.

Stephen A. Bailey to Thomas E. Terrell Jr., 842 Gondola Run, Greenfield, $ 217,900.

Michael J. and Cheryl A. Weldon to Mark A. and Sylvia J. Mize, 3895 S. Cedar Creek Lane, New Palestine, $ 310,000.

Ramiro Torres and Sheri L. Johns to Austin T. Johns, 687 Florence Drive, Greenfield, $ 129,900.

Patricia A. Summers to Sara A. Crouch, 7186 N. County Road 200 W, Vernon Ward, $ 124,900.

Austin L. Evans to Cerberus SFR Holdings V LP, 120 Rambling Road, Greenfield, $ 179,700.

Indianapolis Real Estate Investments LLC to Michelle M. Laffen, 1115 W. Seventh St., Greenfield, $ 122,000.

William A. and Rebecca A. Bolander to Adam D. and Brittany L. O’Connor, 7117 W. Amelia Drive, Sugar Creek Parish, $ 340,000.

November 13th

Ryan E. Smith to Kara Drew, 155 Tinker Trail, Greenfield, $ 179,900.

Aaron L. Smith to Jerel and Ebony LeSueur, 606 Thomas Point Drive, Fortville, $ 215,000.

Brenda S. Alyea to Micheal Pyles, 330 N. East St., Greenfield, $ 110,000.

Derrick L. Spight to Derrick L. Sr. and Santoria Spight, 6107 W. Brickell Lane, McCordsville, $ 296,000.

Dave Sego Builder Inc. to Robert and Anita Workman, 2302 W. Stone Ridge Trail, Buck Creek Ward, $ 590,000.

Justin R. and Brianna L. Wyatt to Jarrell D. and Aleena M. Short, 5855 W. Commonview Drive, McCordsville, $ 350,000.

November 16

Grand Communities LTD to Fischer Homes Indianapolis II LLC, 6387 W. Cedar Chase Drive, McCordsville, $ 64,009.

Grand Communities LTD to Fischer Homes Indianapolis II LLC, 5543 W. Woodhammer Trail, McCordsville, $ 66,941.

Grand Communities LTD to Fischer Homes Indianapolis II LLC, 5528 N. Woodside Court, McCordsville, $ 58,991.

James and Stephanie Leeke to Jeffrey L. Elzey, 1270 W. Limestone Way, Fortville, $ 195,000.

Judy Wilson revocable trust to Gary S. Oswald, 740 Wildwood Drive, Buck Creek Parish, $ 236,500.

Gary L. Smith to Edwards BP LLC, 850 E. New Road, Center Township, $ 5,000.

Chris Nichols to Paige & Rose Properties, 304 Baker St., Fortville, $ 77,000.