Real Estate Marketing the Focus for West Chester’s IT Edge in February

With the New Year already here and gone, people are moving forward with the goals that they’ve set for themselves in 2023. This provides big business opportunities for people in particular industries, specifically real estate.

Every year more and more people become ready and willing to buy their first home. As a real estate agent, you want to make sure that your business is prominent enough for people to consider using you.

That’s why February is Real Estate Agent month at IT Edge. IT Edge wants to help small businesses in the real estate industry solidify themselves as major players. None of that can be done without a little bit of digital marketing.

Want to find out how IT Edge can help your real estate practice this month? Keep reading to find out!

Sell ​​Your Social Media Platforms

If you own or operate in a small practice, competing against real estate giants can seem like an impossible task. However, if you’re not using every tool at your disposal, you’re putting yourself at a disadvantage. Social media channels are a perfect opportunity for smaller practices or agents to make themselves known, and to show just how great they are at their craft.

Social media accounts like Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn can essentially act as free advertising for businesses trying to make a name for themselves. Their benefits aren’t just limited to startups, though. Even if you’re an established, trusted company, social media can do wonders for your brand.

For example, updating your social media accounts several times a week shows that you care and you are active enough to be updating your current and potential clients on what you’ve been working on. On the other hand, putting out that same content as a smaller business can show that you’re serious about your work, and are going above and beyond to connect with your client base.

Creating social media content and selling property both take up vast amounts of time, which is why IT Edge wants to help. They don’t have experience selling houses, but they do have experience creating, posting, and monitoring all social media platforms. Finding the time to run social media accounts can be difficult with so much already on your plate, which is why IT Edge is offering one free month of social media management services for all real estate companies this month.

Contact IT Edge to find out more.

Sell ​​Your Image With A Comprehensive Website

In today’s business world, most business is done completely online. This makes owning and operating a cutting edge website arguably the most important thing you can do for your business. Alongside being functional and informative, you want your website to look professional and sleek.

Without a quality website, current and potential clients will have nowhere to turn when they have potential questions, concerns, or if they just want to browse around. Owning an old, out-of-date website or even no website at all can be a major turnoff for prospective clients.

Building your own custom website can be difficult, especially if you’re busy getting people in and out of homes. Luckily, IT Edge always has time for you. With years of experience building and designing custom websites, IT Edge can help your dream become a reality. Paired with their proficiency in search optimization techniques, your website will provide you with a space for your employees and customers, as well as some free advertising!

For the month of February, IT Edge is offering one free month of search engine optimization services or a free web design consultation.

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IT Edge has been Chester County’s resident technology consultant for over 30 years. Offering solutions from IT support, hardware and software installation, to social media management and web design, they serve as a one-stop shop for all of your small business needs.

With over 30 years of experience and 500 clients under their belt, IT Edge is a trusted partner for all small businesses in Chester County. Are you interested in working with them? Contact IT Edge today.