Real Estate Tokenization To Materialize With HashCash Designs

HashCash is embarking on a challenging endeavor that aims to revolutionize real estate and property trading by targeting and tokenizing a blockchain.

PALO ALTO, California., July 28, 2021 / PRNewswire-PRWeb / – HashCash Consultants, a global blockchain development company, announces the start of a new real estate tokenization project. Efforts are aimed at putting an African real estate company on a blockchain and thus keeping its fragmented, “fungible” tokens from an average investor.

Real estate tokenization involves fragmenting a large property into fungible tokens. This can be thought of as dividing the floors of a building into just one square meter in order to be represented by a single token. In other words, investors can now claim ownership of one square meter of the property.

Building a device of this magnitude retains the potential to make it global. However, local laws and regulations restrict property rights within the country. The state is expected to make changes to invite overseas attendance.

“We are on the verge of developing a business opportunity that can epitomize decentralization,” said Raj Chowdhury, founder and CEO of HashCash Consultants.

“We can finally lower the barriers to entry into real estate and make them accessible to a larger number of average investors instead of giving the majority of the real estate stake to powerful business tycoons.”

Real estate and real estate trading have traditionally been an instrument of the rich and powerful. It was always out of the reach of ordinary people. Real estate tokenization will now allow these people to buy a smaller percentage of larger real estate for what they can afford.

“The advantage of tokenization lies in the smaller fractions that can be made available to joint investors. For example, an individual can token a property worth. to buy $ 1. This would have been unthinkable before the blockchain revolution, ”added Chowdhury.

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HashCash has recently been battling with increasing adoption of HC Remit – a native remittance application for financial organizations. In order to keep decentralization in the foreground, the research and development team at HashCash is constantly developing new applications to enable cryptocurrencies to operate impartially.

HashCash products and services are aimed at redistributing opportunities. The products and services are therefore strictly data-driven and are not subject to any “expert” opinion.

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