Pulaski County real estate transactions valued at $ 150,000 or more; Certificates from December 28th to December 28th. 31:

CG Corporate, LLC to CGCC1N2, LLC and JTD Midtowne Investments, LLC, 10600 and 10620 Colonel Glenn Road, Little Rock, Ls1-2, Boen, $ 10,500,000.

Broadway CK, LLC to Michael Lloyd Seitz and Michael Lloyd Seitz’s Revocable Living Trust Agreement, L1R B5, East Argenta Replat, $ 3,522,000.

Limited partnership of Green Mountain Commercial Properties Associates with Arkansas Storage Centers VIII, LLC, Green Mountain Drive 1815, Little Rock, L2R, Berkshire Place Commercial, $ 3,500,000.

IMO US South, LLC to NLS GN Owner, LLC, 4220 S. University Ave., Little Rock, Section A, AGC, $ 2,625,000.

IMO US South, LLC to NLS GN Owner, LLC, L1R, Oakdale Valley, $ 2,343,750.

House Of Sherwood, LLC to HCE Land, LLC, 1554 Country Club Road, Sherwood, L3A, St. Vincent North Replat, $ 2,229,000.

JTS Capital Realty 3, LLC to JTS Capital Realty 3, LLC, 6820 Crystal Hill Road, North Little Rock, Lot P, Carrie F. Brooks; Pt. N / 2 SE 12-2N-13W, $ 1,525,000.

Rodneys Cycle House, Inc. to DFA, LLC, 9110 Interstate 30, Little Rock, Lot G, Orbit, $ 1,020,000.

Shearer Investments, LLC to OB CRE I, LLC, 6000 Scott Hamilton Drive, Little Rock, Trakt P, Little Rock Industrial District, $ 665,000.

Mark Baker Custom Homes, Inc. to Christian Dupree Simmons and Tracey Nicole Bradley-Simmons, 82 Falstone, Little Rock, L17 B135, Chenal Valley-Falstone, $ 655,000.

Charles G. and Renei L. Harwood to Phillip and Sue May Fields, 46500 Ark. 10, Perryville, Pt. S / 2 NE 30-3N-16W, $ 620,000.

Gateway Village II, LLC to Strong Wolf Ledbetter, LLC, 11601 Bass Pro Pkwy., Little Rock, B1R Wing, Gateway Town Center Phase I Replat, $ 595,000.

Maurice and Souad Mahmoud to L. & K. Pride, LLC, 8300 Geyer Springs Road, Little Rock, L3, Vogel’s Replat No. 2, $ 575,000.

Joshua Lesko and Sarah Beth Dayer to Jared J. and Erin B. Coleman, 5718 N. Country Club Boulevard, Little Rock, L54, Forest Heights Place, $ 567,000.

Godsey-Thrasher Properties, LLC to Senor Tequila Sherwood, Inc., 8213 Ark. 107, Sherwood, Ls1-2 B23, Sylvan Hills, $ 545,000.

SDH Custom Homes, LLC to Ronald Lee Routh, 9809 Hickory Heights Drive, Sherwood, L114, Phase II Miller Heights, $ 510,000.

Ahmed Abuabdou and Hebatalla Alhaddad to Amanda Philyaw and Lucas Perez, 105 Buckland Place, Little Rock, L297, Cypress Point West, $ 497,500.

Michael and Sherry Richardson to Guy and Aida Washburn, 16 Bronte Court, Little Rock, L37 B65, Chenal Valley, $ 475,000.

Rebecca Bailey and Maggie Elaine Strange to Matthew and Lauren Ewing, 5130 P St. Little Rock, L17 B3, McGehee, $ 459,500.

Timothy D. and Paula Fraley to James M. and Cathryn C. Hollis, 11101 Mine Road, Sherwood, L1, Fraley, $ 450,000.

Janice L. Haynes to Anthalene and Steven Hall, 8409 Sunstone Cove, Sherwood, L87 B4, Stonehill Phase VI, $ 446,905.

The Ben Bob Tarwater Family Trust, Robert Tarwater and Ellen Tarwater Clower to Zhiqiang Qin and Lu Dai, Tract 13, Waldenwood Estates Unrecorded, $ 443,000.

Richard Y. Wang and Yang W. Lee to Alan T. and Helen R. Turner, 6322 Greenwood Road, Cammack Village, Los N, Palisades Estate – Cammack Village, $ 438,000.

Hartness Construction Company, Inc. to Claude T. and Bobbie A. Klinck, 21 Rosans Court, Little Rock, L121 B72, Chenal Valley, $ 436,833.

Joshua A. and Toccara J. Melvin to Amanda and Joshua Clausen, 131 Oneida Way, Maumelle, L20, Osage Terrace, Phase 1-C, $ 430,000.

Budco, Inc. to Kelli Taylor and The CLT Trust, L87, Miller Heights, Phase II, $ 409,000.

13000 Cantrell Road, LLC to Hong Yi and Qiaoli Lei, L2B, GCC Replat, $ 400,000.

Walter Allen Murray and The Walter Allen Murray revocable trust in Cypress Bend Properties, LLC, Kanis Road 18520 and 18500, Little Rock, Tracts 16 and 17, Independence Farms, $ 400,000.

Robert M. and Ann S. Smith to Glen S. and Cristie Arnold, 12108 Brodie Creek Trail, Little Rock, L88R, Brodie Creek Community, $ 392,000.

Phillip D. and Diana M. Hoppers to Stephen L. and Teresa G. Maxwell, 51 Tournay Circle, Little Rock, L13 B69, Chenal Valley, $ 389,000.

Charles Bradford to S&K Investments, LLC, 4123 MacArthur Drive, North Little Rock, lots A & B, BC Ball, $ 375,000.

John C. Goodson and The Rick Murphy Residence trust Sue Click, L14, Carmel Valley Phase II, $ 375,000.

Trina Huckabee to Scott E. and Jaime H. Beard, 1608 Millers Pointe Drive, Sherwood, L10, Millers Pointe, $ 370,000.

Carl Michael and Rebecca Oakley Irico and The Irico Joint Trust to Larry Jay and Tanya Wilson, 134 White Oak Lane, Little Rock, Ls34-35, Foxcroft, $ 356,000.

Graham Smith Construction, LLC to Fuat Bakisli, 107 Rosemary Way, Little Rock, L3 B1, Parkside At Wildwood, $ 328,540.

DSR Homes, LLC to Jim and Deborah Bryant Kindy, L34 B9, Creekside, $ 325,000.

Billy Stain Construction, LLC to Ryan A. and Kristen C. Stark, 9820 Cliffside Drive, Sherwood, L39 B10, Creekside, $ 323,000.

Graham Smith Construction, LLC to Robert Trent and Elisabeth Anne Childress, 108 Rosemary Way, Little Rock, L4 B2, Parkside At Wildwood, $ 311,500.

Icon Homes, LLC to Grover James and Toni Clark Butler, L5 B4, Wildwood Place, $ 310,000.

John Patterson to Lindsey Nicole and Grant Bowman, 13200 Saint Charles Blvd., Little Rock, L129R, St. Charles, $ 310,000.

KH-CH Investments, LLC to Art Investment, LLC, 9625 Rowlett, North Little Rock, L6, Wright’s Industrial, $ 300,000.

Logan T. Maggard to Jessica E. and Johnathan H. Stone, 6009 Eagle Creek Road, North Little Rock, L24 B14, Overbrook, $ 295,000.

Tim and Aralea Seachris to Kevin A. Solomon, 4724 B St., Little Rock, Ls13-14 B3, Elmhurst, $ 291,000.

Randy James Construction Company, Inc. to Colton S. and Lynzie D. Wylie, 109 Keystone Lane, Maumelle, L14 B26, Maumelle Valley Estates, $ 290,000.

James Michael and Cathryn Cranford Hollis to Roseanne Wilson, 9249 Johnson Drive, Sherwood, L4 B4, Creekside, $ 288,500.

Jasaan, LLC / Jassan, LLC to Jacob Oneal Sutter, 5410 C St., Little Rock, L9 B19, Pfeifer, $ 270,000.

Howard Development Group, LLC to Ruffian L. Payton, 22nd Marchwood Cove, Little Rock, L19 B1, Sienna Lake, $ 269,900.

Mike and Leah Andrews to Erin Michele Williams, 9517 Wild Mountain Drive, Sherwood, L143, Millers Crossing Phase 3, $ 267,000.

Daryl Brock Custom Homes, Inc. to Ronald George Davis II, 46 Hannah Loop, Maumelle, L6, Carnahan Village, $ 264,900.

City of Little Rock to the Arkansas State Highway Commission, Pt. SW NE 21-2N-13W, USD 262,700.

Amanda J. and Joshua A. Thomas to Stevin and Camiko Smith, 118 Illinois Bayou Drive, Sherwood, L18 B33, Overbrook, $ 259,900.

Ryan C. and Lacye J. May to Mike A. and Brenda K. Hopkins, 14 Ouachita Drive, Maumelle, L178, Edgewater Phase II, $ 255,000.

April Ebru and Charles L. Campbell Jr. to Mark W. and Kimberly A. Richesson, 9323 Wooded Acres Circle, Sherwood, L29, Millers Crossing Phase I, $ 255,000.

Daryl Brock Custom Homes, Inc. to Rodney and Wanda Jean Jones, 40 Hanna Loop, Maumelle, L9, Carnahan Village, $ 254,900.

Samuel Joel Adams to Stephanie Anne McGinity, 1014 Claycut Circle, North Little Rock, L18 B4, Summerwood, $ 252,000.

CNR Construction, LLC to Tracie Thomas, 5401 Aviator Drive, Jacksonville, L95, Meadows Base Phase VA, $ 248,750.

Becky Scott and The Becky Scott Living trust RedDog Management, LLC, L123 B202, Park Hill NLR, $ 245,000.

Stephen Lynn and Rebecca Lee Richman and The Stephen and Rebecca Richman Living trust Willie and Brenda Brown, 1308 N. Point Lane, North Little Rock, L4, North Point Glen, $ 240,000.

Carolyn A. Hobbs-Burton to Thomas L. and M. Kathryn Shultz, 341 Mountain Terrace Circle, Maumelle, L9A, Mountain Terrace Estates Townhouses, Phase I, $ 233,000.

Bhatati Matta to David and Susan Schoen, 43 Blue Mountain Drive, Maumelle, L224, Edgewater Phase II, $ 229,000.

Jason Jeptha McReynolds and The McReynolds Family trust Grove Holdings, LLC, 45 Highlander Drive, Little Rock, L19, Stonecreek Village, $ 225,000.

John W. Vaprezsan to Ethan and Olivia Baker, 26 Vantage Drive, Maumelle, L48, Woodland Heights, $ 223,900.

Roshonda Bell and Roshonda Bell-Pete to Jere W. and Margarette P. Johnson, 1508 Winbourne Drive, North Little Rock, L6 B8, Summerwood, $ 222,000.

Jason and Shannon Kent to Tatiane Segadilha Pacheco and Yan DeMoraes Rocha, 100 Basalt Cove, Sherwood, L53 B4, Stonehill Phase II, $ 219,900.

Eric McLain to Premier Home Builders, LLC, 23 Plantation Acres, Little Rock, L38B, Plantation Acres, $ 212,500.

DG Homes, LLC to Sean Michael and Andrea Maurice Reynolds, 1807 Madden Road, Jacksonville, L312, Foxwood Phase VI-C, $ 210,000.

Quapaw Development Company, Inc. to Terrance K. Haynes, 2205 Moortown Drive, North Little Rock, L8 B6, Phase II from Stone Links, $ 205,000.

Veva D. Hartsfield and The Veva D. Hartsfield revocable trust to Brian and Donna Hagewood, 6 Breezewood Drive, Maumelle, L11, River Run, $ 205,000.

Cheri Pruett to Marilyn L. Williams, 1211 Silver Creek Drive, Sherwood, L116, Phase III Silver Creek, $ 203,500.

Anna Ruth Douglas to Katherine E. Davidson, 2316 N. Cleveland St., Little Rock, L9 B5, Altheimer, $ 200,000.

Patricia W. Newberry and the estate of John W. Walker (dec’d) to Marsha and Carl Poole Jr., Ls46-47, University Park North Plat. No. 1, $ 200,000.

Southern Office Services, Inc. to Gregory T. and Vickie Kaye Hart, L84, Plaza Heights, $ 198,050.

Sean and Mariah L. Gilligan to Guy Brennan and Christy Anne Anderson, 256 Feldspar Drive, Sherwood, L17 B5, Stonehill Phase IV, $ 197,000.

Virginia C. Weber to Austin and Brittany Spears, 36 Daniel Drive, Sherwood, L46 B11, Country Club Park, $ 192,500.

Marlon T. and Maxine Torrence to Michelle Yvette Philmon, 1404 Osage Drive, North Little Rock, L2 B28, Indian Hills, $ 192,000.

Dale C. Hicks to Michele Hutchison and Andrea E. VanLierop, 313 Charles St., Little Rock, L7 B9, Midland Hills, $ 180,000.

Sandra K. Booth and The Booth Living trust James F. and Susan A. Cunningham, 604 Indian Bay Drive, Sherwood, L11 B6, Westlake, $ 178,000.

Andrew W. and Misty L. Kew to Derek Jamaal Smith, 6033 Trammel Estates Drive, North Little Rock, L12, Phase I of Trammel Estates, $ 172,500.

WLK, LLC to Zachary Allen and Leroy Quitman Booe Jr., 14134 Shady Lane, North Little Rock, L8, Shady Lane, $ 170,000.

Elizabeth A. Noble to Francis E. Skinner and The Skinner Living Trust, L245, Point West Second, $ 170,000.

Shane Philip Curley to Blackmon Rental Properties, LLC, 6108 Brentwood Road, Cammack Village, L290, Cammack Woods, $ 168,906.

Christopher A. and Susannah E. submit $ 160,000 to Grady Russell III, 14 Campden Hill Road, Sherwood, L177, Silver Creek Phase V.

Invest Farms, LLC to Charles Thomas Johnson, 1105 Kings Mountain Drive, Little Rock, L557, Walnut Valley Third, $ 159,000.

Gong Cao Ni to Treycor Properties, LLC, 8 Idlewood Place, Maumelle, L45, Leisurewood, $ 158,900.

Robert E. and Anne S. Pinyan to Jeramie Bailey, 18 Wedgewood Creek Drive, Little Rock, L9, Phase I Wedgewood Creek, $ 155,000.

604 N. Shackleford Trust to Kunhong Wei, 604 N. Shackleford Road, Little Rock, L586, Walnut Valley Third, $ 154,000.

Rausch Coleman Mid-Ark, LLC to Kimberly Jane Lee, 6101 Trammel Estates Drive, North Little Rock, L1, Phase I of Trammel Estates, $ 152,800.

Jamie Harrison-Pinto / Jamie Harrison and Charlotte Sue Clark (dec’d) to Jimmey Wayne and Rebecca Lynnette Bunting, 10 Dunfrettin Place, Sherwood, L15, Indianhead Lake Estates, Section A, $ 150,000.

Gwendolyn Y. and Charles Causey to Paul Clements and Chester Guydon Jr., Ls5-6 B33, Centennial, $ 150,000.

Porches at Rockwater, LLC to Porches at Rockwater Property Owners Association, Inc., L17, Porches at Rockwater, Pt. Blk. 12, Mrs. EA Giles, $ 150,000.

David Garner and The Mabel R. Thiede Revocable Trust in David S. Rogers, Pt. SE SE 24-1N-13W; L93, Lakeview Section C, $ 150,000.