Regent work gets major support

The theater in Picton is going to be undergoing a restoration project in a few weeks.

Starting March 27, the Regent Theater is planning a two-week closure, with the main focus being on flooring repairs.

Officials found the need for the work while renovating accessible seating.

Ceiling leaks and changes in water flow patterns from construction in the building’s vicinity are blamed for the poor condition of the cement floor.

Board Chair Benjamin Thornton says as a heritage building they have a duty to preserve the site.


Seating, taken from a theater that is closing, will be installed with the entire project costing about $54,000.

You can buy a seat which will have your name on it.

An additional $10,000 is needed to cover the cost of the project.

Donors to the project include Lanny and Catherine Huff of the Huff Family Foundation, Herb Pliwischkies of Quinte Remax, and Steve Van Dusen of Tri-Canadian Energy.