Releeve The Ai Marketing Software Company Entering The European Market

Releeve, the Ai marketing software developing company with Middle Eastern roots, has expanded to the European market as demand for such data-driven technologies is ever-growing among international companies.

Partly due to the increasing pressure on the economy, businesses seek innovative marketing solutions to give them an edge over their competitors. Data analysis and neural networks are beginning to be viral in the business world, and marketing is no exception.

A fast-growing team of young talented professionals consisting of primarily: data scientists, data engineers, AI developers, and even white hat hackers, are exploding in the marketing space. Of course, the company has conventional marketing agents, designers, and analysts. Just as most agencies do but with the data and Ai focus, they offer a different breed of expertise. The value of this special focus was recognized by European companies and expansion was inevitable. For this reason, Releeve has opened its new office in Central Europe.

The team does not consider itself a marketing agency in the traditional sense. They state that Releeve is not a competitor to marketing agencies and are happy to work together. They work with a number of them already.

“We are marketing hackers/engineers, developing tools that help deeply understand and efficiently reach customers. When television was introduced, it was a huge leap in marketing. Suddenly a lot of people from all over the world could be reached. Getting to a large audience is great. Contacting a large audience of users who you know are almost definitely interested in your product before you even reach out is a whole different level of marketing. We are happy to share our technology with other agencies.”

Partners are currently mainly talent agencies, webshops, influencers, startups, and corporations but new partners from new industries, like music labels and real estate agencies, are constantly on the horizon.

With the popularity of social media and the overwhelming amount of information, it is increasingly difficult to grab customers’ attention. For this reason, companies need to understand how social media works at an algorithm level better than ever and use the gathered information to their advantage.

Companies such as Releeve develop tools that harness and analyze the data and effectively deploy marketing materials for clients through pre-determined and self-improving models using automation.

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