Rock Island and Henry County real estate transactions for June 19, 2022 | Local News

Following are seller, buyer, property description and price of property. Note: price is an estimate based on revenue stamps that are bought from the county.


Disterhoft, Casey J. and Angelica A., to VanMelkebeke, Ryan and Alyssa, Lot 7 of Townview Estates, a subdivision in the west half of the southeast quarter of Sect. 20, Township 17 N, Range 3 East of the 4th Principal Meridian; $68,000.

Kiss, Michael J. and Mary C. and Michael J. Kiss and Mary C. Kiss Trust, to Ivie, Craig L. and Cortney M., 523 S. State St., Geneseo; $200,000.

Johnson, Tracy Lynn to Egan, Ashley S., and Interial, Nicholas J., 16 Pleasant View Drive, Annawan; $197,500.

Janson, Reid and Samantha, to Tomlinson, Tyler, and Blair, Shelby, 16364 W. County Road, Orion; $235,000.

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Lambin, Joseph T. and Emma J., to White, Kyle and Jessica, 300 Portage Way, Colona; $310,000.

Collins, Natalie L., to Lane, Drake M. and Garcia, Makayla J., 604 S. Tremont St., Kewanee; $79,000.

Wade, Nickolas and Rebecca, to Buyer Accepted LLC, 425 Overlook Court, Geneseo; $275,000.

Robinson, Robert and Susan, to LNBGR Inc., 206 Dwight St., Kewanee; $27,500.

Pence, Timothy J. and Kelleen M., to Smith, Todd M. and TMS Storage, 1230 Page St., Kewanee; $61,000.

Mariman, Troy and Hailey M., to Edwards, Kathleen M., 841 S. Congress, Geneseo; $129,000.

Nevarez, Candelario and Parades, Sanchez Luis, to Sanchez, Luis Paredes and Guadalupe, Paredes Maria, 1015 Rose St., Kewanee; $49,000.

Robinson, Mary Lou, to Swanson, Kenneth and Brandy, 508 N. East St., Cambridge; $45,000.

Shaw, Tina M., to Scott, Rodney and Toni, 400 E. 10th St., Kewanee; $29,000.

Morgan, Stephen M. and Julie A., to Diericx, Taylor Will and Amanda Darlene, 21945 E. 650th St., Geneseo; $315,000.

Smutzer, Douglas M. and Jennifer M., to Hynes, Jessica L. and Tyler, 1320 4th St., Orion; $145,000.

Carton, Andrew, to Frank, Justin and Heidi, Moens Road, Atkinson; $117,500.

Rowley, Virginia M., to Stutzman, Megan E., 508 W. Exchange St., Geneseo; $75,000.

Minnaert, Dustin C. and Brittani J., to Parker, Kevin L. and Kelly E., 11998 N. 1250 Ave., Cambridge; $115,500.

Larson, Krysten/ Bickle, Krysten; Larson, Dylan, to Griser, Jordan, and Michaels, Rosemary, 1208 3rd St., Orion; $142,000.

Miller, Alison E./ Womack, Alison E., to Peach, Angelia M., 128 W. Kellogg Ave., Kewanee; $125,500.

Conrad, Steven D. and Collier, Conrad Jann E., to Lappe, Eric L. and Paula M., 730 Mulberry St., Andover; $475,000.

Barman, Tya K. and Jason L., to Sprung, Corrina L. and Corrina L. Sprung Trust, 515 South Road, Cambridge; $163,000.

Laube, Dale L., to Talley, Wanda S., 124 Payson St., Kewanee; $53,000.

Baker, Myra; Lynn E., Jeremy D., Jesse A., Ruth I., to Konvicka, Nathan J., 1311 Lake St., Kewanee; $57,000.

Stahl, Taylor W. and Ashley N., to Klatt, Eric M.. and Schnowske, Alexis R., 2 Goembel Court, Colona; $285,000.

Vonah, Kayla M., and Ostby, Riley R., to Pettit, Virginia A. and Robert M. Jr. and Virginia A. Pettit Revocable Trust, 325 S. Oakwood Ave., Geneseo; $175,000.


Delp, Michael, Dittmer, Mo., to Genova, Dayton, Coal Valley; 142 W. 5th St., Coal Valley; $93,000.

Naert, Victoria L., Moline, to SKV Holdings, Moline; 1158 26th St., Moline; $69,000.

Plank, Richard L., Silvis, to Ringier, Sharon L., Silvis; 1255 33rd Ave. Circle, Silvis; $160,000.

Ethington, Ray G., estate, Rock Island, to Frederick, Logan C., Rock Island; 2810 47th St. Ct., Rock Island; $165,000.

Casillas, Mark, estate, Rock Island, to Brosius, John P. and Tierney R., Rock Island; 1853 35th St., Rock Island; $93,000.

Barrera, Pedro, Moline, to Diedrich, William Brandon and Debra Lynn, Bettendorf; 1818 4th St., Moline; $67,500.

Bank of America National Trust and Savings Association, Anaheim, Calif., to Nelson, Ian A., Fredericksburg, Va.; 1915 23rd St., Rock Island; $35,560.

Midwest Equity Group, Bettendorf, to Snyder, Tim and Sharon, East Moline; 445 41st Ave., East Moline; $167,244.

Hynd Farm Junto Group, Bettendorf, to City of Silvis, Silvis; 600 Illini Drive, Silvis; $200,000.

Country Style Ice Cream, Inc., Moline, to Zendeli, Besim and Anita, East Moline; 1800 30th Ave., East Moline and 1105 19th St., Silvis, retail establishment; $46,000.

Isaacs, Kirby Carson Susan Sayda Hope, and Isaacs, Susan D., Lakeland, Fla., to Robison, Stacia, Moline; 1421 25th St., Moline; $159,000.

Newrez, LLC, Greenville, S.C., to Johnson Bros Realty, Moline; 1819 15th St., Moline; $31,500.

Tomlin, Debra, Taylor Ridge, to Guinn, Brett, Taylor Ridge; 0.89 acres land, Tract “D”, Taylor Ridge; $10,680.

Neepa Corporation, Bartlett, Ill., to Aarya Hospitality, Hanover Park, Ill.; 2550 52nd Ave., Moline, hotel; $2,450,000.

J & K Housing, Moline, to J & T Rentals, Moline; 2415 13th St., Silvis; $36,000.

U.S. Prime Land Inc., Tampa, Fla., to Auction Flippers, Frisco, Texas; vacant land, Moline; $3,334.

Nunn, William and Felicia, Aubrey, Texas, to Hopper, Taylor L., Rock Island; 8901 19th St. W., Rock Island; $99,000.

Connemara Revocable Living Trust, Sumter, S.C., to Ortiz, Juan and Ambar, Rock Island; 1934 21st St., Rock Island; $250,000.

George, Nathan R., Austin, Minn., to Cook, David and Teela, Hampton; 300 2nd Ave., Hampton; $329,500.

Cung, Bawi, East Moline, to Solis, Benito, Rock Island; 2356 45th St., Rock Island; $110,000.

Scott, Ryan L. and Jodi N. Hillsdale, to Bowers, Cody and Nicole, Cordova; 911 2nd Ave., Cordova; $220,000.

Leinart, Michael R., Moline, to McCord, Joshua, Moline; 3440 45th St. Ct., Moline; $314,900.

Francque, Jason, Moline, to Betancourt, Dan, and Kyle, Justine, Moline; 2902 30th St., Moline; $265,000.

Schoonmaker, Kevin T. and Margaret L., Moline, to Guero Munoz, Jose, and Lopez Munoz, Brisyeda, Moline; 3729 11th Ave., Moline; $90,000.

Heady Properties, Des Moines, to Heady, Cora A., Port Byron; 24802 94th Ave. N., Port Byron; $192,500.

Heady, Cora A., Andalusia, to Hampton, Kyle, and Howell, Allison, Port Byron; 24802 94th Ave. N., Port Byron; $250,000.

Integrity Investment Reo Holdings, Chicago, to Apostolos, Brian S., Cordova; 701 3rd Ave. S., Cordova; $15,000.

Furlong, Stanley, estate, Rockville, Md., to Eickstradt, Caryl, Moline; 3339 7 1/2 Ave., Rock Island; $10,000.

Woods, Michael, Jacksonville, Ill., to Cisneros-Guerrero, Juan, Rock Island; 1131 2nd Ave., Rock Island; $70,000.

ReMax Centre, Bettendorf, to Max Moline 36th Ave., Polk City, Iowa; 900 36th Ave., Moline, office; $875,000.

PPG Enterprises, Vernon, Calif., to Alvarez, Maria Del Carmen Limon, Rock Island; 31 Brittany Lane, Rock Island; $120,000.

Versluys, Pamela S., Taylor Ridge, to Cashen, Jade, Milan; 8218 78th Ave. W., Milan; $155,900.

Nylin, Allen and Debbie, Blue Grass, to Sedlak, Tim, Moline; 3204 39th St., Moline; $150,000.

Ejjrefi, Khalid, Moline, to Turner, Jeanne, East Moline; 3608 12th St., East Moline; $85,000.

Lunquist, Mitchell, Milan, to Heber, Erin, Moline; 2951 8th St., Moline; $100,000.

Miller, Joel and Jennifer, Aledo, to Benisch, Claire, and Cook, Ryan, East Moline; 489 44th Ave. Ct., Unit 6, East Moline; $94,000.

Duesman, James F., trust, Rock Island, to Johnson, Margaret, Moline; 22 Thornwood Ct., Moline; $195,000.

Harbour, Russell, Moline, to Di Franco, Nathalie, Moline; 1109 12th Ave., Moline; $68,000.

Bickle, Michael, Taylor Ridge, to Riley, Jinnie, Milan; 5713 120th Ave. W., Milan; $240,000.

Yu, Maurice, 19462 Sierra Mia Road, Irvine, Calif., to Hernandez, Oliverio, Rock Island; 2733 6th Ave., Rock Island; $55,000.

Gegenhuber, Mary, Evanston, Ill., to Berry-Branigan, Jasmine, Moline; 1704 14th St., Moline; $82,500.

Lord, Deborah L., Moline, to Scott, Kimberly, Moline; 1460 25th Ave., Moline; $129,900.

Rigg, Du E., Bettendorf, to Midwest Homebuyers, Eldridge; 830 15th St. A., Moline; $42,000.

KVA Properties, East Moline, to Midwest HomeBuyers, Eldridge; 1508-1510 23rd Ave., Moline; $60,000.

Grchan, Michael W., Bettendorf, to Gibbs, John, Milan; 3524 Meadow Circle East, Milan; $320,000.

Zobrist, Janet M., Colona, to DeClercq, Todd E., trust, Hillsdale; 83.702 acres in Coe Township, farm, Port Byron; $667,223.

Zobrist, Janet M., Colona, to DeClercq, Wesley D., trust, Hillsdale; 40.795 acres in Coe Township, farm, Port Byron; $340,638.

Zobrist, Janet M., Colona, to Adams, Patricia J., trust, Cordova; 100 acres in Coe Township, farm, Port Byron; $835,000.

Shilling, Dolores, Moline, to MAC Homes, Bettendorf; 324 15th Ave., East Moline; $43,000.

Mullins, Norma J., Moline, to Gehlken, Lora, Moline; 1910 33rd St., Moline; $139,000.

Webster, Debra J., trust, Fitchburg, Wis., to Gonzalez, Valeria Grace, Rock Island; 1820 42nd St., Rock Island; $97,500.

Garcia, Gema, Moline, to Clemente, Guadalupe Rosas, Rock Island; 2459 22nd Ave., Rock Island; $89,900.

Girskis, Paul R. and Jolene F., Bettendorf, to Burgmeier, Ellen, East Moline; 2566 9 1/2 St., East Moline; $210,000.

Degelman, Seth and Amy, Reynolds, to Bartell, Cody R. and Jordan, Reynolds; 307 W. Main St., Reynolds; $95,000.

White, Kim V., Cordova, to Crider, Zachary C., Jr., Rock Island; 463 20th St., East Moline; $7,500.

Slutz, Gary D. and Mary L., Rock Island, to Ditto, Steven Lee, and Cortez-James, Mikyla Ann, East Moline; 2176 10th St. Place, East Moline; $265,000.

Fish, Steven M., Wesby, Wis., to Schneekloth, Chris John, East Moline; 718 1st Ave., East Moline; $85,000.

Hernandez, Karen, Thornton, Colo., to Tete, Tetegan, Rock Island; 1001 14 1/2 St., Rock Island; $70,000.

Martin, Charles W. and Judy G., trust, Cambridge, to Udelhofen, Ann, Silvis; 1002 17th Ave., Silvis; $259,900.

Herrera, Norbert, and Castel, Alphonso Joseph, Jr., trust, East Moline, to Chatman, Patricia S., East Moline; 3521 3rd St. C, East Moline; $130,000.

Johnson, Kathleen E., trust, Taylor Ridge, to Barnes, Linda J. and Aubrey, Rock Island; 3405 21st St., Rock Island; $162,000.

Caras, Peter D., trust, Rock Island, to Rock Island Dental Property Holdings, Rock Island; 2334 31st Ave., Rock Island, dental office; $315,000.

Rocha MP Investments, Temecula, Calif., to Zarate, Rosalia, East Moline; 2531 7th Ave., Moline; $29,000.

Quiet Capital, Davenport, to SFR3-070 LLC, New York, N.Y.; 920 22nd St., Rock Island; $79,900.

Shepherd, Tracy, Lynn Center, to Swords, Jeanette, Andalusia; Lot 22 Mississippi Meadows, Andalusia; $6,600.

H&M Global Realty, Bristow, Va., to Munyengabe, Jean Bosco, Rock Island; 824 10th St., Silvis; $190,000.

Ditto, Steven L., East Moline, to Maginn, Matthew A. and Monica A., Rock Island; 2007 7th St., Rock Island; $170,000.

Owl Creek Properties, Bettendorf, to Rosas, Cynthia, Rock Island; 3216 16th Ave., Rock Island; $113,000.

King, Tama D., Silvis, to Williams, Clarence Devon, Silvis; 709 14th St., Silvis; $335,000.

Dennhardt, Eugene G. and Beri L., East Moline, to Rock Island County Forest Preserve District, Illinois City; vacant land, East Moline; $75,500.

Spray Tech Leasing, Rock Island, to K4 Leasing, Rock Island; 8056 40th St. W., land only, Rock Island; $292,500.

Webb, Timothy and Amy, Silvis, to Ramos, David, and Skinner, David, Moline; 2508 2nd St., Moline; $101,000.

Palmer, Nicole D., Bettendorf, to Garcia, Marisa, Rock Island; 1538 29 1/2 St., Rock Island; $120,900.

Troutwine, Jennifer R., Milan, to Thoren, Nicholas M., Coal Valley; 203 E. 2nd St., Coal Valley; $180,000.

Silvestri, Mark D. Jr. and Maria, Milan, to Wyers, Jacob, Rock Island; 2610 9th St., Rock Island; $80,900.

Mills, Michael C., East Moline, to Simmons, Steven C., Coal Valley; 1516 6th Ave., Rock Island, storage facility; $36,000.

Bruss, Tyler, Hampton, to Puig, Kayli, Rock Island; 2533 19th Ave., Rock Island; $162,000.

Federal Home Loan Mortgage, Plano, Texas, to E&E Estates, Sherrard; 4401 23rd Ave., Rock Island; $64,000.

Auldridge, Michael T. and Beverly B., APO, AP, to Sersig, Donna, Rock Island; 4101 23rd Ave., Rock Island; $90,000.

Wardell, William, Rock Island, to Bomfim, Daniel, Hermosa Beach, Calif.; 811 17th Ave., Rock Island; $40,000.

Schug, Arthur H., Chicago, to Ketelsen, Keith and Lyn, Milan; 16212 River Road N., Cordova; $225,000.

Wegscheid, Edmund L., trust, Moline, to Ferris, Crystal A., trust, Coal Valley; 123 W. 28th Ave., Coal Valley; $350,000.

Banworth, Udelhoven, Dubuque, Iowa, to Khai Properties, Moline; 4602 Avenue of the Cities, Moline; $475,000.

Durbin, Michelle R., Silvis, to LeMaster, Alex J., East Moline; 1823 28 1/2 Ave., East Moline; $59,900.

Clayton, Deborah, East Moline, to Carter, Janene, and Love, Timothy, Davenport; 141, 161 & 151-153 Sunshine Lane, land/lot only, Milan; $10,000.

Lopez, Carrie D., Moline, to Eddy, Elyse, Moline; 1923 4th St., Moline; $79,000.

Schneekloth, Christopher J., East Moline, to Johnston, Jessica L., East Moline; 726 1st Ave., East Moline; $63,400.

Burgmeier, Brian and Ellen E., East Moline, to Eastlick, George and Kim, Moline; 1409 29th Ave., Moline; $185,000.

Wirfs, Connie R., Winnsboro, S.C., to Clay, Garett J., Hillsdale; 8302 301st St. N., Hillsdale; $195,000.

Cutler, Mark, Aurora, Ill., to Allen, Brianna L., Moline; 2510 10th Ave., Moline; $88,000.

Craig, Michelle M., Moline, to Riley, Saquanta Y., Moline; 433 20th Ave., Moline; $126,250.

Granada, Emmett, Moline, to Cruz, Jesus, Moline; 620, 624 & 626 15th St., Moline; $33,000.

Berry, Janice L., Rock Island, to Hancks, Dereck L., Rock Island; 2106 28th St., Rock Island; $155,000.

Briggs, Todd J. and Kimberly S., East Moline, to Tapia, Nicholas R. and Kimberly M., East Moline; 2820 10th St., East Moline; $173,000.

QCA Holdings, Davenport, to SFR3-070 LLC, New York, N.Y.; 1016 18th Ave., Moline; $73,900.

Roderick, Russell, Jr., estate, Coal Valley, to Sopher, Dakota, Moline; 1401 & 1403 40th St., Rock Island; $6,000.

Reed, Mary Jane, estate, De Soto, Iowa, to Walker, Samuel J. and Christine A., Moline; 5414 11th Ave. B, Moline; $129,900.

Nordav Growth Partners, Davenport, to JPL Properties, Rock Island; 1510 47th Ave., Moline, office; $1,475,000.

Bobb, Harold D., Port Byron, to NJL Chiropractic, Silvis; 813 1st Ave., Silvis; $202,000.

Marzorati, Holly, Milan, to Paprocki, Kevin, Moline; 2903 2nd St., Moline; $270,000.

Crowe, Jeanie, Silvis, to Weipert, Lance Lee, Port Byron; 5419 221st St. N., Port Byron; $216,000.

Raun, Brittany, Moline, to Tinker, Dhevon L., Silvis; 2407 10th St., Silvis; $106,000.

Stephens, Charles E., Moline, to Willits, Candy J., Milan; 513 Bruce Ave., Milan; $246,000.

McNeal, Kurtis W., Sr., Medford, Ore., to McNeal, Chad E. and Ana M., Milan; 244 5th St. E., Milan; $70,000.