Targeted marketing connects buyers and sellers

When it comes to sales strategy, Allie Beth Allman & Associates has every means to promote any home its agents list, bringing the power of print, the dynamism of the digital, and the environment of social media to the plan.

When asking your real estate agent where your home is being marketed, expect an approach that involves multiple media platforms – digital and print – working together to get the best deals possible.

The day a customer decides to work with an expert from Allie Beth Allman & Associates, marketing takes place.

The realtor company’s 11-strong professional full-service marketing team combines technology and creativity to maximize the attractiveness and presence of each property.

High quality visual assets are critical to the plan, so the team puts emphasis on staging, architectural photography, virtual tours, social media animation, and other resources to increase a home’s presence.

The experienced agents bring their in-depth knowledge of the market to the strategy, which enables the team to create an individual plan for each home that is aimed at the greatest reach and concentration.

The ultimate goal is always to get the best price for the customer in the shortest possible time.

Through digital ads, online searches, custom URLs, videos and social media, the Allman team puts their customers’ homes in the hands of buyers everywhere.

The in-house creative team also works with agents and their clients to create quality print ads, engaging advertorials, targeted emails, direct mail and luxury ads.

This means that every bespoke new offer plan prominently places a property 24 hours a day locally and globally in multiple media sources and appeals to potential buyers through the final sale. This omnichannel reach is content-based for engagement and relationship maintenance as attraction and engagement grow with valuable, relevant, and consistent content across platforms.

In the end, marketing connects people and the team never underestimates the power of people. The Allie Beth Allman & Associates brand brings decades of trust and collaborative connections to the home sales equation that matters in today’s fast-paced marketplace, said Allie Beth Allman, founder of the company.

“An algorithm can look for a three bedroom, two bathroom house. Only a real estate agent can connect the right buyer to the right home, ”said Allman. “Data provides information, but the complex, emotional process of buying a home requires human intelligence, creativity and connectedness.”

Luxury leader Allie Beth Allman & Associates sells more properties than any other brokerage firm at prices of $ 2 million, $ 3 million, $ 4 million, $ 5 million, and more, according to statistics from the Multiple Listing Service and is a leader in home sales in the Park Cities. To connect with a luxury real estate expert, visit