The 10 Best Real Estate Marketing Companies of 2021

The 10 Best Real Estate Marketing Companies

The picture contains all logos of the companies mentioned.

The picture contains all logos of the companies mentioned.

LOS ANGELES, March 07, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – In a growing and saturated market, it can be difficult to find the best real estate marketing companies that can help you grow your brand, get more leads, and simply close more deals.

That’s why we chose The 10 Best Real Estate Marketing Firms of 2021.

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Our first pick is Digitalize Real Estate, also known as ‘DGR’. DGR is a real estate marketing company teaching real estate agents how to grow their business online. They teach agents and brokers how to generate, track, nurture, and convert their leads. DGR also guides agents step by step in building a brand that will make them the “Go-To Celebrity Agent” in their target market. Your company believes in teaching agents how to fish instead of fishing for them. “If the marketing company you pay thousands of dollars for every month goes out of business the next day or decides to bill you twice, you would be at their mercy. That makes you dependent and not independent, ”says the CEO of DGR. Her track record speaks for itself as her students have followed her system to close an average of 3-7 more deals each month.

DGR also teaches agents how to build systems and hire remote teams in-house to scale independently. If you want to save thousands of dollars every month and become the point of contact near you, book a call here.

Our second pick is BoldLeads, a leading real estate marketing company focused primarily on exclusive lead generation. The bold lead process is simple; You sign up, become part of the team and can now receive exclusive leads in your area, all sent to your custom CRM dashboard. Unlike our first pick, BoldLeads focuses on a marketing approach that was done for you. BoldLeads is a relatively newcomer to real estate marketing founded in 2014 by a parent-daughter duo and headquartered in Chandler, AZ. The company has doubled in size in the past two years. Propertybase uses software that enables agents to automate their marketing efforts. BoldLeads focuses on buyer and seller leads. You perform the follow-up on the agent’s behalf. When you want to outsource your lead generation with a full “done for you” approach. Click here.

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If you choose three, we have Tieba Bropleh, Gunnar Kolrud and Ali Kamel, the founders and owners of the Conversion Academy (TCA). These consultants help real estate entrepreneurs and teams implement systems and processes that separate them from the package. By harnessing the power of publications like Forbes, ABC, NBC, Entrepreneur, Yahoo Finance, and many others, they can instantly increase their clients’ authority and improve their positioning. Prior to working with the TCA team, most real estate entrepreneurs are relatively poorly positioned for their service and are not seen as an authority on their market. After working with the TCA team, Realtor Estate entrepreneurs are able to achieve 2-10 times the return on their marketing spend over a period of 6 to 12 months from the time of publication. Conversion Academy prides itself on being one of the few companies in its field that offers a 100 percent money-back guarantee.

On pick four, we have, a real estate technology and marketing company known as one of the fastest growing real estate technology startups in 2020. Through their proprietary CRM, they help real estate agents, teams, and brokers generate and convert leads to scale in a full “done for you” setting. Their software enables agents and brokers to qualify leads and build relationships from A to Z. Your goal: A centralized platform to generate scale new business with the agent responsible for your marketing spend. Your team recently launched a digital agent acceleration program that accompanies agents, groups and brokers to perfect their sales process in conjunction with the CRM. The program includes generating leads for you with real estate coaching from industry experts, advice on lead conversion while scaling with a real estate team and being extremely capital efficient.

In pick five, we have Jeffrey Brogger as the founder and CEO of STEEZY.Digital – a digital real estate marketing agency known for automatically generating and tracking leads. Jeffrey has shared the stage as an international speaker with industry leaders including Neil Patel, Damond John, Ryan Deiss, and others. Jeffrey makes it easy to scale a real estate or mortgage broker by handling all paid promotions to automatically generate high quality buyer and seller leads every day. Automated recruitment funnels help attract top-class talent for placement. Jeffrey offers free online training, including a 12-time case study on return on ad spend for a top 1% real estate agent. Click here to sign up for this free training today. Call him at (619) 663-4357.

On pick six, we have Jayde Gorling as CEO and one of the co-founders of From Cold to Sold ™, a performance-based appointment generation system for real estate agents. Jayde and her team specialize in arranging high-quality, high-intent buyer and seller appointments or live transfers with real estate agents, using their proprietary systems and data to attract and qualify potential clients while promoting them to their To give broker clients a brand and authority boost. From Cold To Sold ™ has helped brokers close up to three deals with their team in the first 30 days of working with their team, and has helped teams close over 60 deals in a single month. When you use the From Cold to Sold ™ system, you can expect to pay only for qualified appointments and live transfers, with no long-term contracts or monthly retention periods signed. This system is exactly what you need if you want to quickly expand your pipeline with prospects who are actively looking to buy or sell their home and are starting to grow sales beyond your area.

Brett Ratkowksi, Karan Sanghavi and Aaron Martinez are the co-founders of our seventh selection, Revamped Real Estate – an agency that helps real estate agents and brokers differentiate themselves from the competition with YouTube with their 2 Step Blue Ocean strategy. While working with agents and brokers of varying levels of experience and annual volume, they currently work with big names in real estate such as Joshua Smith, Chantel Ray and a few others. While most agents and brokers still rely on Facebook, Zillow leads and even just referrals … Brett, Karan and Aaron are breaking the mold and paving the way for those ready to stand out and dominate their market. As an active real estate agent or broker, from 2021 you will set new standards for what is “normal” in terms of effective marketing, income and work-life balance. Book a call here.

With pick eight, we have a mother and son duo – Oliver and Julie Borr from Borr Digital – one of the fastest growing real estate marketing agencies in North America. Borr Digital is young and hungry and strives to become the must-have real estate marketing agency / platform. They offer the authenticity you value from a family-run boutique business with the ROI you have come to expect from the most respected agencies in the industry. They deliver “customers”, not “leads”. They hate the term “lead generation”. Their strictly followed 8-step machine provides growth-oriented brokers with more sales and time by scaling their business through qualified appointments.

In pick nine, we have Christian John Orsos, the founder of CJO Marketing, a local marketing agency that specializes in helping small businesses build a full online presence quickly. He and his team strive to develop web and social media strategies for companies that want to go digital. The agency’s services include web design, logo design and social media marketing. After working and achieving results in various industries, Christian is dedicated to helping real estate agents scale their businesses and close more deals in 2021. With his Real Estate Closings system, he guarantees 25 live transfers or appointments with potential pre-qualified home buyers in 90 days by implementing social media lead generation and a combination of automated and human follow-up to potential buyers to prequalify. If you are a broker looking to break the average barrier and dominate your region, Christian John Orsos is the man for you.

If you choose ten, we have Sunil Khatri as the founder of Meshroad Marketing and Saabu – an all-in-one marketing platform with DIY and done for your delivery models. He has helped more than 500 companies in more than 4 continents achieve multi-million dollar sales. His company was ranked the Top PPC Management Company in Canada in 2019 and 2020. Sunil enjoys working with brand new companies and helping them succeed in online sales. Sunil helps new companies to generate new customers within a few hours via its “Acquire New Customers” page. During the pandemic, he also formed a tight network of business professionals on the West Coast to help other business owners grow their businesses.

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