The Driveway Company Expands Commercial Maintenance and Repair Operations

WACO, Texas, April 28, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — The Driveway Company, a leading franchise for concrete driveway repair and maintenance, has hired Christine Sandy as Director of Corporate Real Estate for The Driveway Company Commercial, a division offering national and regional property owners and managers a single source for the maintenance and repair of concrete floors, exterior hardscaping and warehouse facilities. The Driveway Company Commercial provides best-in-class service and cost-effective solutions to protect and enhance hardscape commercial investments at the national level.

“The Driveway Company Commercial’s goal is to help businesses protect, maintain and beautify concrete surfaces and hardscaping in an affordable yet attractive way,” said Sandy. “As a respected leader in driveway repair and maintenance for over 30 years, The Driveway Company is leveraging its experience with commercial property projects to build a national account program. The hallmarks of which include the network of owner/operators, the consistent services they deliver across its national footprint, and its partnerships with national service providers to deliver cost effective solutions.”

Mrs. Sandy brings her 30+ years of experience on Wall Street delivering solution-based services to investment firms and her insights as an owner operator in Southern California.

“Our approach resonates with commercial property owners and managers alike. They value that our owner/operators are directly involved in providing dependable maintenance and repair solutions,” adds Sandy.

The Driveway Company Commercial provides stringent employee training and ongoing upgrades to the newest methodologies used in the industry. The company utilizes innovative and cutting-edge techniques such as crack and joint sealing, surface cleaning and concrete staining. Each service provides increased curb appeal, increased safety, preventative maintenance for longevity and improved cleanliness.

based in Waco, Texas, The Driveway Company has developed proven techniques for extending concrete life, including crack and joint repair, concrete sealing, overlays, lifting, leveling and more. To learn more about The Driveway Company Commercial, visit, email [email protected] or call 866-520-3705.

About The Driveway Company
The Driveway Company has been involved in driveway repair and maintenance for over 30 years. Throughout those years the organization has developed techniques for extending the life of driveways using concrete sealants that stop the penetration of harmful corrosives along with barriers that prevent water saturation. The organization also launched the Driveway Company Commercial, an initiative to provide concrete repair and maintenance to commercial properties. For more information, visit

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