The Elite Real Estate (€ERE) token sale is here


The sale of €ERE, the token of Elite real estatehas been launched.

Elite Real Estate is an investment platform that wants to open up the luxury real estate investment market to crypto users.

We want to offer investors an opportunity to earn high returns by giving everyone the chance to invest in real estate.

So far, only people with high incomes have been able to invest in this sector, but with Elite Real Estate’s platform, everyone will be able to do so.

This is why we have launched the pre-sale of the €ERE tokens. In total, only 55 billion of €ERE tokens will exist, of which 54% (29.65 billion) will be offered for presale.

25% will be kept as a source of liquidity, while 8% will be offered for sale later on exchanges. The rest will go to marketing, consultants and partners, the founding team, a fund for renovating the property, and charities.

To participate in the presale, it is enough to invest $100, through which, by acquiring €ERE tokens, you’ll be able to become a shareholder in luxury real estate that is expected to generate a regular passive income.

In fact, Elite Real Estate promises passive income averaging between 25% and 30% of its investments.

By contrast, purchasing the maximum allowable amount of €ERE in pre-sale ($30,000) also provides the opportunity to receive VIP privileges.

Tokens purchased in the presale will be sent to the investor’s wallet once a week after the vesting period.

A total of three public pre-sales will be held, which will be followed by listing on exchanges. At that point, having raised the capital, the team will purchase the luxury properties that should provide the passive income.

A website and app for the purchased properties is also in the plans, with the ability to reserve, pay, and track incoming funds in the token community.

*This article was paid for. The Cryptonomist did not write the article or test the platform.

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