The Future of Real Estate Investing Is Here, and It’s Peer-to-Peer

Historically, investing in real estate requires enormous capital and political know-how. It’s one of the most reliable investments you can make, but that reliability comes at a high price. And without the necessary funding and connections, you might as well be playing Monopoly. But recent innovations in so-called peer-to-peer investing are allowing almost anyone to get their own slice of the lucrative real estate pie, and the PeerStreet investment platform is one of the best ways to get in on the action.

Long-term, peer-to-peer real estate investments have the potential to change the entire game. Put simply, it integrates the concept of crowdfunding into real estate investing and allows many people to join forces and invest in real estate that in the past would have required either tons of their own capital or a cheap deal with a bank or other lending instance to get the deal done. Now, PeerStreet can bring lenders and borrowers together in entirely new and mutually beneficial ways.

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Step into PeerStreet’s innovative investment marketplace and you will see traditional home loans being broken down into smaller, manageable chunks that thousands of individual investors can buy. And every piece is guided by PeerStreet’s state-of-the-art data analytics.

On the lending side, PeerStreet enables established lenders from across the country to purchase real estate loans, and each participating lender is analyzed using advanced algorithms and data science to select a pool of secure, highly skilled real estate loan investments that investors and borrowers can access in an unprecedented way associate. If you are a borrower, that’s good because it gives you more freedom and flexibility in your investment options. But being a lender allows for less risky and safer investments that have already produced returns of ten percent or more.

While crowdfunding mortgage investing is PeerStreet’s killer app, it’s nowhere near the only way to turn the real estate investing world upside down. With a feature called Automatic Investing, users can build an entire investment portfolio without the traditional guesswork. As an investor, all you have to do is select your own investment criteria (such as the desired interest rate or the desired loan term) and PeerStreet will find the best borrower or borrowers for your needs.

Getting started with PeerStreet investments only takes a few moments. Before you know it, you can invest. And with advanced data analysis as a guide, you can build your own diverse real estate portfolio. You provide the money and PeerStreet can do just about everything else.

When you are ready for a new approach to real estate investing, all the information you need is available on PeerStreet’s official website. So click here to get started.

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