The Iconic Agent Launches New Construction Marketing Resource Community for Real Estate Agents

RIVERVIEW, FL / ACCESSWIRE / April 14, 2021 / The Iconic Agent, based in Tampa, Florida, recently launched a brand new online resource to provide real estate agents with reliable marketing intelligence and help them attract new construction property buyers. With a new Facebook group as a medium, the Iconic Agent team will share information previously unknown to brokers.

The Facebook group “New Construction Marketing Ideas – New Marketing Strategy for House Construction” is the brainchild of Damon Greene, who also founded The Iconic Agent’s New Construction Marketing Mastery Program.

Driven by the fundamental belief that educational resources should be open to all real estate agents, the group is completely free to join for all agents.

In addition to its mentoring program that helps brokers attract new home buyers, Greene is now making additional tutorials, articles, interviews, case studies, relevant curated content, and live streams available to members of this new marketing community. Notably, the community has already passed the 1,000 member milestone and many more are likely to join in the coming months.

For most real estate marketers, especially new home marketing, consistency is the key to long-term success. While many brokers crave quick success and quick commissions, Greene claims that it is far more practical (and realistic) to build a pipeline of high quality leads that can constantly bring new business and help clear the traditional ups and downs of income Eliminate from real estate agents.

Greene’s flagship New Construction Marketing Mastery program at aims to help real estate professionals adopt systems to generate predictably high quality leads for new homebuyers and drive more sales.

Through the New Construction Marketing resource and community, Greene and his team help brokers by sharing actionable information that they can quickly implement and get results from, so that users can scale their marketing efforts.

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“My goal is to help brokers break through the misinformation and junk surrounding online marketing,” said Greene, a 15-year-old marketing veteran. “There are many so-called gurus, Facebook real estate marketing courses, and people peddling misinformation. What we in the community share is real, raw, and relevant information that agents take action on and results from … Greene believes that brokers are doing a great disservice with the wrong information they receive.

Greene continues, “My ultimate goal is to help brokers get results. In my mentoring and coaching program, clients have a 300% – 5000% ROI and they have a healthy pipeline. Of course, these are not all customers. However, if the processes are followed, then the results will come. I also work personally with each of my clients to make sure they don’t feel left alone or confused. ”That personal attention can be the most important factor for many, as having an experienced and dedicated mentor has long been an invaluable asset in business Has.

Greene encourages agents to think outside the box and reconsider where they can better focus their efforts for maximum impact and revenue. While most brokers across the country compete for limited inventory and resales, the new home market is heavily overlooked and offers opportunities for brokers willing to switch and find out how to attract new prospects and buyers.

Hundreds of agents have seen the results of Greene’s teaching in the community, as well as under his guidance and training. Agents have consistently seen additional commission increases in the 5- and 6-digit range. Some of his mentoring clients have even left reviews of the New Construction Marketing Mastery. Real estate agents interested in learning more are welcome to visit The Iconic Agent’s website or contact Damon Greene directly for more information.

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