The News Journal » Mayor updates members on annexation and city projects

Corbin Mayor Suzie Razmus was a guest speaker at the Southern Kentucky Chamber of Commerce lunch Tuesday.

Razmus briefed the chamber members on local business developments and the progress of projects across Corbin, such as the annexation of Exit 29.

Regarding the annexation, Razmus said: “I know it was very turbulent right now, there are a lot of harsh feelings going on.”

On Friday, Senate President Robert Stivers passed Senate Draft 274 20 to 12.

“It [SB 274] Corbin finally has the opportunity to do something with this exit, which has stagnated for decades, ”said Razmus.

To stop London’s attempt to annex part of Exit 29, Corbin filed a lawsuit against the city.

“We are confident that we will win the lawsuit,” said Razmus. “If we lose there [Laurel Circuit Court]We will appeal. “

Razmus told the board that the lawsuit is not what it wanted and that it would rather work with London to help everyone.

“I don’t like fighting with my neighbor. I enjoy working with my neighbor, ”said Razmus.

“Whether you like it or not, Corbin is in the middle of a triangle. If we can bring Whitley, Knox and Laurel together as a cohesive unit, nothing can stop us. “

Razmus said regardless of what happens in the lawsuit, she is ready to work with Laurel County leaders.

“I’m ready to sit down and see how we will move forward together because a win for Laurel County is a win for Corbin. A win for Knox County is a win for Corbin and a win for Whitley County is a win for Corbin, ”said Razmus.

Razmus also briefed chamber members on the Miller Park project, the completion of the Splash Pad in downtown Corbin, and several grants that the city has either applied for or received.

In other matters, the Chamber welcomed numerous new members to the Chamber and received sponsorships from the Lexington Bluegrass Association of Realtors for US $ 2,500 given by Tommy Black with the Remax in Corbin and the Times-Tribune for US $ 2,400 given by Tommy Black became Lisa Harrison.

The Chamber Assembly was sponsored by the City of Corbin.

Next month’s spokesman was announced by Bruce Carpenter, executive director of the Southern Kentucky Chamber of Commerce. The speaker will be Vince Gabbert from Keeneland, who will be present at lunch to introduce the redesign of the Cumberland Run.