The Revenue from Real Estate Investment is Increasing in 2021

Kiev, Ukraine, July 28, 2021 – ( – DGY is a real estate investment company that helps business people become successful investors. With an impressive real estate expertise, they have gathered the most relevant information on the latest real estate trends in Ukraine and explained why it is worth investing in real estate in Ukraine in 2021.

Investors strongly believe that it is more profitable to invest in less developed countries because long-term returns are higher than in developed countries with stable economies.

According to real estate trends, Ukraine appears to be a very advantageous country. This can be clearly seen, for example, when comparing property price statistics in other European countries. Smart investors, for example, prefer to invest in residential complexes under construction, as they can save enough money early on and thus multiply the future profit from the apartments.

As you can see, the cost of real estate in Ukraine for investors is relatively lower, which makes it easier to buy and increases its value. The prices for new apartments in Kiev rose in the second quarter of 2020 by 0.43% (0.1% real) to 930 US dollars per m². (Delmendo, 2020). In contrast, the average square meter price in Paris starts at 10,000 US dollars, in Zurich at 12,000 US dollars and in London even reaches 16,000 US dollars. This comparison shows that real estate investment opportunities in Ukraine are far more affordable for business people in terms of profit and initial investment.

In addition, Ukrainian real estate is a perfect investment option as it gives investors the chance to get a much higher return on investment (ROI). According to the Ukrainian Central Bank, developers remain optimistic about the Ukrainian real estate market. Research has shown that home builders anticipate a double increase in property prices compared to early 2021 (Datskevych, 2019).

Ukraine is becoming more and more attractive to foreign investors, and that is why. The influx of tourists to Kiev, the capital of Ukraine, is constantly increasing. The city has many things that are catching the attention of people all over the world. Kiev, for example, is one of the greenest cities in Europe and combines a so-called “oasis” in the city with breathtaking views of the Dnieper River.

In addition, Kiev is full of historical places and architectural monuments that will take you to another dimension. Tourists will also appreciate the vibrant life of the capital as the center is full of night clubs, karaoke, bars and restaurants. Therefore, the demand for real estate, especially in the city center, is always high. Investors should pay attention to the investment opportunities that Kiev offers.

Market results suggest that the average cost of an apartment in a new build only starts at $ 60,000. Such affordable prices allow business people to enjoy high annual sales when they have tenants or get up to a 15% return on the property when selling.

However, you can maximize the final price of the property if you flip it beforehand. Flipping is quite profitable, especially if you are easy to handle the features and know how to properly fix them. However, you may need a team of professionals to help you with the renovation.

The principle of this method is to renovate the property, fix things, change interior design and layout, etc. Therefore, the price of the apartment will increase significantly. Undoubtedly, the earnings will differ depending on the amount you invested in the flipping, the construction team services you may have used, and so on. Still, statistics show that the average profit from flipping varies between 5 and 20% of the starting price of the apartment (Datskevych, 2019).

As for the housing market outlook for 2021, demand for residential property continues to be strong as property prices continue to rise. Also in terms of turnover, commercial real estate in Ukraine is quite profitable. As Kiev becomes a huge megapolis, it is necessary to have shopping malls, shopping malls, business centers, etc.

For example, many commercial tenants tend to pay fees for options like the right of first refusal in the office next door in order to keep those options. Look for the best prices in the Eastern European market, particularly in Ukraine, where 150 square meters is around $ 2100 while commercial property in the same area in Poland is around $ 2700 (Delmendo, 2020).

All in all, Ukraine leads the European countries where global investors can easily invest their sums in Ukrainian real estate and multiply their returns. Due to the affordable prices of luxury apartments and the attractive politics of the country, even beginners can start their financial journey and get a stable passive income in Ukraine with minimal risks.

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