Town of Preeceville meets to discuss many topics

The Preeceville City Council discussed many interesting topics at its regular March 10th session.

The council met with Dr. Takra, Dr. Ranauta and Tammy Pantiuk of TRP Dental Professional Corporation to discuss the purchase of Preeceville Dental Clinic. There was also a discussion of the lease for the Preeceville Public Library for dental offices.

Lexie Young of the Etoimamie Valley Rider Gymkhana Club met with the city council to discuss the use of the Preeceville Sports Ground for the club’s activities. The council approved the club’s proposal with the Preeceville Sports Grounds Committee, which coordinates the use of the sports grounds.

The council raised a motion regarding the new lease between the City of Preeceville and Dr. Charanjit Shokar started building the Preeceville Library’s dental business since the company had previously changed its name. The city of Preeceville also canceled the lease between Dr. Shokar.

The reports submitted and approved by the council included: the statute report, the foreman, the mayor, the reports of the coordinator of administration, community development and recreation.

The proposal made by Mark Zawerucha of Remax Blur Chip Reality to help the city sell urban residential and commercial space was approved.

The city council changed its regular meeting date to the second Thursday of every month, starting at 9 a.m.

The council confirmed the resignation of arena manager and shop worker Chris Smith effective February 27th. The city admitted that advertisements would be filled

the position of the shop worker.

The city hired Nor Sask Board Services to provide the city’s Assessment Appeals Board and secretarial services. They also recognized and set the appeal fee for assessment appeals.

The mutual aid agreement between the city of Preeceville and the surrounding communities was approved.

The city of Preeceville recommended the approval of the planned housing estate SW 05-35-05 W2M in the RM of Preeceville.

The city donated $ 150 to the Preeceville Minor Hockey Association and $ 100 to the Preeceville Figure Skating Club for their year-end activities.

The committee’s reports included the Preeceville Economic Development and Tourism Training Course and the Community Leadership Development Training Course.