Trinity Christian Academy Wins Classroom Of The Month For April

The Classroom of the Month for April went to Ms. Kautz and her fifth grade class at Trinity Christian Academy.

The fifth grade is a smaller class of 15 students, and 2 new students join their class on Monday. Ms. Kautz is grateful to have the opportunity to work with a smaller group of students. “I can work one-on-one with everyone. Of the kids who deal with language arts, social studies or science every day, all the kids get one-on-one attention every day, which is super cool.”

She is so pleased with how well her class has navigated this year. At the end of the day, when they told her they couldn’t wait to come back tomorrow, two new students came into her class on Monday. This shows her how hard her students work to be a team: “Most of these kids have been together since kindergarten so being the new kid is very intimidating and I think these girls will be happy.”

Ms. Kautz is excited to share the news with her class at her Boston Pizza Pizza Party: “You will be so excited, especially these two new girls. We are in a Christian school and they are just a wonderful group of Christian kids who do a great job spreading God’s love. “

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Thank you to the Remax Key representatives for sponsoring our Classroom of the Month.