Two Recessions In 12 Years, This Millennial Commercial Real Estate Broker Shows How to Make It Through

SEATTLE, WA / ACCESSWIRE / December 8, 2020 / Kelsey Diller is a Seattle-based commercial real estate agent and broker with over 10 years of experience navigating the often turbulent waters of buying and selling commercial real estate.

Originally from Salem, OR, Diller was raised by two entrepreneurial parents who taught her the value of hard work. Diller is the fourth generation of the real estate agent on his mother’s side and has been in the industry for only 5 years. She grew up learning about building from her father, an experience that would prove incredibly valuable later in her career.

Diller is only 19 years old and has never shied away from hard work. Before graduating from Seattle Pacific University with a degree in business, she and her husband had already saved enough to buy their first home. After graduating, Diller began her career alongside her father as a development entrepreneur. When the 2008 market crash rocked Seattle and the rest of the nation, Diller was forced to recalibrate and rethink her career path. She decided to follow the generations of real estate agents before her and received her license.

Within two years, Diller had gained enormous experience, fell in love with real estate and founded his own brokerage company. She interviewed about 2 brokers a day, scrubbing the office toilets, and holding training sessions while closing her own deals, overseeing brokerage deals and overseeing company development. Her company and her team were everything to her, but she couldn’t scale fast enough in the next six years. She should have had 100 agents when she was 50 years old. In retrospect, Diller has no regrets, although closing it was a heartbreaking experience it would ultimately pave the way for her current success. She and her brokerage business had sales in excess of $ 200,000,000. By monitoring every transaction, Diller was able to gain a tremendous amount of experience due to the enormous volume. Diller was shocked to find that she was pregnant. She and her husband loved the prospect of having their first child. She felt overwhelmed, but continued to throw herself right into paying off her debt and figuring out what to do next. The decision to go out alone was harrowing to say the least, but she was able to focus solely on her clients’ goals and provide the highest level of service possible. Two years later, Diller has paid off her debts, has ample savings, and is the mother of an adorable 15-month-old daughter.

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When COVID-19 rocked the nation in March, Diller originally feared the worst. For almost two months, Diller admits she hasn’t seen a single sale. She was forced to become unemployed and questioned her family’s ability to survive another recession. However, according to Diller, the previously dead market saw massive adoption in June and she and her team have been almost impossibly busy for the past 4 months.

Suddenly, the demand for commercial real estate had increased, by more than 1,800% in Pierce County alone, while other industries had declined sharply. Diller started her marketing shift to suit the market and focused on Industrial. “Learning to spin around to keep up with the market is vital to the company’s survival,” says Diller. Before 2020, most companies had worked within a traditional warehouse model, keeping a minimal amount of products on the shelves. In the middle of the year, however, all of this shifted.

“We are currently seeing a new model similar to the one we saw in the early 1970s, before the just-in-time supply chain went into effect. Now companies are choosing to store large quantities of product on the shelves,” explains Diller.

The result is an almost insatiable demand for industrial storage space. Although unexpected, this startling effect from COVID-19 is great news for the Seattle economy.

“We need a lot of passion if we are to continue growing and rebuilding the economy,” says Diller.

If you are a business owner who went through the roller coaster accidents of ’08 and ’20 and is exhausted, Diller recommends reading a quote from Michael Jordan that got you through some very stressful times: “I ‘I have Failed over and over in my life, and that’s why I succeed. “

“It takes failure to succeed. If you have failed now, you are in a position to succeed next,” says Kelsey Diller.

Never in her wildest dreams would Diller have thought that she would set a personal career record for sales in the ‘Covid’ year 2020.

Today, Diller looks forward to partnering with new commercial clients as the nation enters a new era of real estate. For anyone looking to buy or invest in commercial real estate, Kelsey Diller is the natural choice. Her background in construction gives her a distinct advantage, particularly due to her deeper understanding of the cost, timing, and impact of the construction requirements listed in inspection reports. Additionally, the sheer volume of management projects Diller has overseen over the past decade is greater than many agents have seen in their entire career. This experience has also provided her with a thorough understanding of the court system, which enables her to better advise her clients and avoid potential legal obstacles. After all, Diller is not afraid to take advantage of its competitive advantage. She always goes above and beyond for clients, investing in marketing to make sure every listing gets the right engagement, and fervently tracking leads. Last month she put a commercial building on the market and after 62 days with other brokers available to make the sale, Diller brought in the buyer and closed the deal.

Put simply, “I consistently meet my customers’ needs simply because I’m willing to do whatever needs to be done” – Kelsey Diller.

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