Veristat Supported Marketing Applications for 10% of All FDA Novel Drug Approvals in 2020

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Our project teams are excellent at steering complex nuances of clinical development and exploring the appropriate regulatory avenues to quickly deliver therapies to patients. We know there is a lot at stake in preparing a marketing proposal. That’s why we’ve put together a cross-functional team of statistical, medical and regulatory experts who are familiar with the process of preparing, publishing and defending marketing proposals.

“What sets Veristat apart is our ability to design and operationalize the entire development path from the first evaluations of efficacy and safety to the primary clinical study basis for regulatory measures. We do this by carefully applying scientific principles and working closely with our customers, ”said John Balser, Ph.D., President & Chief Statistical Officer, Veristat. “In 2021, Veristat will continue to strengthen our scientific expertise, our integrated team approach and our regulatory capacity worldwide so that we can meet the requirements of our sponsors.”

About Veristat

Veristat, a global clinical research organization (CRO), enables sponsors to solve the unique and complex challenges associated with accelerating therapies through clinical development to regulatory approval. Veristat has more than 26 years of experience in planning and conducting clinical trials and is able to support any development program. Our team has prepared over 100 marketing proposals for approval by global regulators over the past decade.

Veristat’s focus on novel drug development has resulted in success in treating the unknowns occurring in complex therapeutic areas such as rare / extremely rare diseases, advanced therapies, oncology and infectious disease studies. We apply this knowledge base every day to solve the challenges of a clinical program, from the simplest to the most complex. Veristat has assembled an exceptional team of experts around the world who have mastered the intricacies of therapeutic development, enabling sponsors to extend and save lives. More information is available at

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