Waterfall 3 delivers goodwill with Santa’s Post Box project

CHRISTMAS is a time of giving, and with so much being taken away this year due to Covid-19 and the nationwide lockdown that followed, the Waterfall 3 community gathered to find a fun and meaningful way to add that extra splash of joy to give life to children in the greater Durban area.

Waterfall 3’s Karen Buxton spent a large portion of the time during tough lockdown grooming for residents who were struggling.

The whole idea behind the Santa Post Box was to do something for the community that cost them nothing and would bring plenty of joy and smiles after a year that they described as unusual and terrible.

“We’re a very community-based neighborhood, and Santa Claus usually drives around every Christmas Eve,” she smiled.

The bright red mailbox on Mahai Drive at Waterfall 3 was set up by a group of residents who spent most of a Saturday putting everything together.

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“The children came together and did so much. They were involved in many of the mini Christmas holiday paintings that surround the mailbox, ”she said.

Since its inception, parents have traveled with their children from as far as Durban North to drop their letters in the festive mailbox.

At the time of going to press, more than 70 letters have found their way into the box.

If you would like your letter to be returned from the North Pole, parents will be asked to add a name, address, mobile number, and email address.

Grant Pietersen, a local resident, thanked the Hansel family, Sue Hickman, the Waterfall 3 community, Karen and David Buxton, and Remax for raising the Santa Post Box.

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