With The Addition Of Liv @ MB Condominium, Is Singapore Luxury Real Estate A Solid Investment?

Is Singapore Luxury Real Estate a Solid Investment with the Addition of Liv @ MB Condominium?
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  • The luxury real estate market seems to be growing in countries like America and Israel.
  • Liv @ MB Condominium adds to the appeal of luxury real estate in Singapore.
  • Despite the effects of the Covid pandemic, the luxury real estate market continues to expand.

Even though the global economy is currently grappling with the aftermath of the Covid pandemic, some industries appear to be thriving. Many European and Asian real estate markets have stagnated since the outbreak of the pandemic, according to the research results. For example, during the peak of the pandemic, sales in China’s largest cities plummeted 22%, but prices rose 5.8% during the year. In contrast to China, the market in Singapore remained relatively stable during the crisis.

Understand luxury real estate

Before investing in luxury real estate, it is important to understand the characteristics that define luxury real estate. The high price of a property alone will not place it in the luxury property category. High-end buyers want locations near other high-end properties and have access to luxury activities such as high-end shopping, dining, and access to art.

A prestigious address like Park Avenue in New York City increases the value of a property. The location plays a central role in real estate. Another aspect that adds value to a property is history. Many potential buyers tend to pay more for a property when it has a rich history.

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As mentioned earlier, location is important. A waterfront location, or at least a river, ocean or lake view, can be attractive to many luxury buyers. Others may prefer a view of the countryside or the mountains.

Even though the Covid pandemic has negatively impacted many industries, the luxury real estate market continues to grow. In the following we analyze the condition of luxury properties in different countries:

The condition of luxury homes around the world


In the past few years, Singapore may have exceeded many progressive cities, such as Hong Kong, as one of the most desirable investment locations for the wealthy. Efforts to improve the country’s economic infrastructure, such as the inclusion of the Liv @ MB Condominiums have increased their global awareness and appeal to wealthy investors over the past decade. Eduardo Saverin, a millionaire entrepreneur and Facebook co-founder, is one of the many billionaires and celebrities flocking to Singapore to buy luxury real estate.

Singapore particularly attracts wealthy individuals to buy real estate, as the country’s income and inheritance taxes are considered cheap by global standards. Investors also save taxes because capital gains are not taxed and the highest income tax rate is only 22%. While the Singapore property market appears vulnerable to property restrictions and economic headwinds, the downside risks have been mitigated by a combination of variables such as low crime rates, political stability, business friendliness, and legal openness.

Why Invest in Singapore?

Wealthy investors come to Singapore to invest in real estate. Many set up family offices in the hope of securing permanent residence through the country’s Global Investors Program. One of the greatest perks associated with permanent residence is the reduced stamp taxes on real estate that these investors are attracted to.

Due to its excellent political stability and politics, Singapore’s real estate market has consistently attracted very high net worth individuals and as such, the country appears to be one of the most trusted countries for luxury real estate investment. In a recent Forbes article, billionaires Kwek Leng Beng and Gordon Tang reveal that they are investing 965 million SGD (equivalent to $ 704 million) in prime Singapore real estate amid the growing demand for luxury homes in that country.


In America, the city of New York is seeing a surprising increase in interest in luxury real estate. after a CNBC article In the third quarter of 2021, Manhattan had the largest sales in more than 32 years in all price ranges. They are being sold with homes costing more than $ 4 million. Many New York brokers believe this is just the beginning and the excitement will continue for the months to come.

Tel Aviv

Research suggests there have been numerous real estate transactions for NIS 30 million or more in the past year. Despite the Covid-19 crisis, the Israeli real estate sector, especially the high-end luxury market, continues to thrive. Buyers are looking for a secluded property to stay in for longer, rather than the weekend getaways they bought earlier. If they had previously been discouraged by the high maintenance costs and the headaches, the need for a property away from the city has grown.

Last thought

Because of the tangible aspect, investing in luxury real estate can be more rewarding than investing in stocks. This can be done in a number of ways, including building a bespoke home, remodeling a villa, or buying a vacation property. You can live in your luxury home, vacation in it, rent it out to others, or build luxury homes that others can enjoy. Before making a final selection, it is advisable to research the real estate offers in different countries as well as the economic situation in the country.

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