World’s first island holiday home brokerage firm comes to Dubai

ReMax Island
Photo credit: Delivered

Dubai: Kleindienst Group, a European real estate developer in the United Arab Emirates, has partnered with ReMax, a real estate brokerage company, to create ReMax Island, a Dubai-based brokerage company that specializes in prime island vacation properties. With onshore and offshore offices, ReMax Island will serve its network of clients and dream islands around the world.

ReMax Island is part of the larger The ReMax Collection, the luxury segment of ReMax. The ReMax Collection offers rare, differentiated, and sophisticated properties to wealthy home buyers and sellers around the world.

The collaboration aims to make the island’s lifestyle accessible by providing island plots and making it easier to purchase premium vacation homes including beach villas, suites, and island homes.

The platform will help buyers access a wide range of verified offers through its global network and match high net worth buyers with the most suitable sellers.

“ReMax brings a wealth of expertise and a new approach to brokerage services to the UAE with a global, influential network of leads and agents,” said Parisa Seif, Managing Director of ReMax Island. “We are excited to enter into this partnership with the Kleindienst Group and to add value to the global real estate market by attracting a selection of Dubai’s leading brokers.”

Josef Kleindienst, CEO of the Kleindienst Group, says: “We are pleased that the demand for high-quality holiday homes and island properties has increased since COVID-19, as many people have reconsidered every aspect of their life, including whether or not to move to a second home invest.”