10-Plus Video Marketing Tips for Real Estate Agents — RISMedia

The internet and smartphones have made video content widespread and accessible. To get in touch with your customers, you need to shoot a lot of videos. Let’s talk about connecting with your audience, some video ideas, and making your videos stand out.

Find your audience
You want your video to be seen by people interested in buying or selling a home. Platforms like Facebook, Instagram and YouTube have many users.

Make your videos engaging by putting interesting pictures and hooks first. Many users stop looking after a few seconds if they are not interested.

Design your video for Facebook and Instagram to display without audio. Most users don’t automatically use audio on these platforms. Take advantage of Facebook’s automatic captioning feature as research has shown that users are more likely to interact with videos with captions.

Create longer videos for YouTube with search-optimized wording. For example, many people look for informational videos with the word “beginner” in the title.
Use specific hashtags to refer people to your content. You don’t want to just mark your posts with “#realestate”. Make it more specific by including the name of your city. While more specific hashtags will narrow down users, the more likely the users who find your content will be interacting with them.

Real estate video ideas
Good videos start with good ideas. These ideas can be approached from different angles and repurposed to get the most out of them.

Here are some great ideas to get started creating videos.

1. Introductory video: Introduce yourself to your audience
2. FAQ Video: Answer common real estate questions
3. Neighborhood Tours: Take prospects on a tour of a neighborhood you know well
4. Home / Property Tours: Present a property for sale
5. Ask Me Anything (AMA) videos: Go live on Facebook, YouTube or Instagram and answer questions from your followers
6. Day in the Life: Create a video showing how much work you put in to earn your commission
7. Testimonials: Put together videos of happy customers talking to you about their experiences

Tips to make your videos stand out
With the endless amount of content online, it is very important to stand out. Follow these tips to get additional followers and keep them busy.

Make a plan
Create a content calendar with a content schedule a month in advance. Script the content, rehearse, edit, and publish your videos.

Get the right equipment (and learn how to use it)
To really make your videos stand out, you need the equipment, software, and the expertise to use them. Here’s what to invest in:

– tripod (with smartphone attachment)
– ring light
– editing software
– lighting set
– microphone
– DSLR camera

The costs can add up and there is a definite learning curve. If you have someone on your network with video experience, consider getting their help.

Show your personality
Use these videos as an opportunity to show who you are, showcase your real estate knowledge and build trust. Be personable and get involved with them while being professional.

Show your customers why your content matters through the value of your information, your storytelling, and your unique perspective and humor.

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