5 at 5: Your Daily Digest for Real Estate Investing, 1/13/21

Airbnb is going dark in DC, Mashvisor sees Airbnb recover later this year, American Tower is getting even bigger, CRE opportunity in 2021, and three healthcare REITs are being considered.

In today’s news

Airbnb is canceling DC reservations during housewarming week

Airbnb (NASDAQ: ABNB) says it is canceling reservations made in the Washington, DC subway area during housewarming week, citing various requests from officials not to allow people to travel to the area during this time, reports NPR.

Why It Matters: Loss of revenue during a time when the district should be full is particularly painful, but at least the company says it will refund guests and hosts for the canceled reservations.

COVID-19 vaccine against 2021 Airbnb occupancy rate

According to Mashvisor, the analytics data shows that Airbnb’s national average occupancy rate won’t “hit the benchmark for recovery” until September as the COVID-19 vaccine ripples through the population and economy.

Why It Matters: The revenues of Airbnb and its competitors are important to many real estate investors and homeowners, as well as the hospitality and tourism market that many focus on.

American Tower enters Europe with a $ 9.4 billion Telefonica deal

American Tower (NYSE: AMT) is buying around 30,700 tower locations from Telefonica in Spain, Germany, Brazil, Peru, Chile and Argentina, adding to the 181,000 communication locations already included in its 20-country portfolio.

Why It Matters: According to Bloomberg, AMT is getting “prime assets” in Germany and Spain that go well with the towers the company already controls in France, and that’s what makes this £ 800 gorilla of a Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT) even more of a presence in the telecommunications infrastructure, while 5G continues to expand.

Today on Millionacres

3 things CRE investors should know in 2021

While things are going well for the commercial real estate sector following the release of the COVID-19 vaccine, CRE investors are still not out of the woods.

Why It Matters: Millionacres’s Liz Brumer describes two areas of potential investment opportunities – affordable housing and distressed assets – and why liquidity and cash could be the best hedge of all right now.

3 top REITs to buy with dividends over 5%

With an aging population and a raging pandemic affecting everyone, healthcare is a good place to look for ROI, and there are some good candidates in the REIT family who specialize in this segment.

Why It Matters: Millionacres’ Matt Frankel advocates three companies whose portfolios span the spectrum of healthcare in America, and they pay good dividends too.