5 at 5: Your Daily Digest for Real Estate Investing, 1/8/21

All of a sudden, employment levels are growing in the red single family homes creating a sweet spot for investors, Big Apple CRE tanking, Millionacres writers sharing their resolutions and some Feng Shui to wrap up a tough week.

In today’s news

The restoration of US jobs stalled when the hiring streak broke off

The US labor market lost jobs for the first time in eight months in December. This reflects a decline in restaurant employment, which shows just how badly coronavirus infections are putting more strain on parts of the economy, Bloomberg reports.

Why It Matters: Restaurants are an important segment of the commercial real estate industry. It’s not encouraging to see them point the way down.

The construction of rental apartments is increasing as purchase prices rise

The Wall Street Journal reports today that investors are building tens of thousands of homes specifically for rent to bet that Americans will continue to flock to sprawling suburban living even when they can’t afford to buy homes.

Why It Matters: The article states that individuals, family offices, retirement funds, and the bold Wall Street names are shoveling billions of dollars into rental projects. Time will tell how these bets hold up.

Retail rents take historic plunge in New York City

CNBC reports today that New York City retail space rents have fallen to historic lows, down as much as 25% from 2019, as troubled retailers like Neiman Marcus and Century 21 (NYSE: RLGY) closed stores and vacancies shot up.

Why It Matters: Now is a good time to start thinking about whether you’re an investor or if you’re an investor or if you’re an investor in real estate investment trusts (REITs), stocks, direct ownership, or whatever you’re in the big want to play apple. It depends on what you think the future holds.

Today on Millionacres

Real Estate New Years Resolutions in 2021

Six of our Millionacres writers share their resolutions on how to invest, write about investing, or improve their own properties in the year ahead.

Why It Matters: There are a wide range of strategies and tactics in our little fools. Please try it out. We hope this will help stimulate your own creative thoughts during these special times.

Does the street side of your property matter?

Laura Agadoni of Millionacres, herself a suburban landlady in Atlanta, says that while home orientation can be a factor in how much they are willing to pay for some people, it matters little to others.

Why It Matters: Check out this immensely interesting piece for some insight into everything from climate to feng shui. Laura’s bottom line for investors: buy houses that people want. If you can do that consistently, you should be golden.