5G LLC Is Advancing Wireless Connectivity in Commercial Real Estate With Google Orion

BETHESDA, Md .– (BUSINESS WIRE) – 5G LLC is proud to announce its expanded solution offering through Google Orion. 5G LLC has established itself by connecting real estate portfolios with telecom providers using outdoor 5G wireless solutions. With Google Orion, 5G LLC is now launching an extraordinary platform for building solutions for commercial real estate customers.

One of the renter’s first priorities when arriving at a potential property is monitoring and checking the wireless signal strength. The connectivity of staff and guests is becoming increasingly important in tenant decision-making and the real estate market has taken note of this. For many property owners, the goal is to be a technology-based property that meets the needs of the tenant.

CRE owners, tenants and customers expect connectivity to be a key convenience in their buildings. 5G LLC connects the ecosystems of CRE and technology companies in a way that benefits everyone. This starts with a portfolio solution that maximizes the CRE client’s ability to monetize roofs at no cost. Partnering with Google to provide a new and innovative solution brings the value indoors.

“I’m really excited that Google and 5G LLC are working together to solve the entire 5G and connectivity challenge outside and inside a property. This is an innovative way for owners to differentiate their buildings, generate income, and provide better connectivity to their tenants. “-5G LLC CEO Matt Davis.

Orion Wifi is a new platform from Area 120, Google’s internal incubator for experimental projects. It’s an easy way for a public facility like a grocery store, doctor’s office, commercial building, MDU, or mall to sell Wi-Fi capacity to cellular operators. With Orion Wifi, your mobile operator can automatically and securely connect you to the WiFi when you enter the building.

Although it is effortless for the guest or tenant, a lot happens in the background. When you enter a grocery store, Orion Wifi helps the local network to inform the carrier of the price and quality. If the operator decides the connection is sufficient and provides an enhanced experience, you will be connected automatically. When connected, internet traffic flows over the Wi-Fi network as if you were directly connected to the Wi-Fi. Orion does not access users’ internet traffic.

Tech and real estate professional Rick Varnell comments, “CRE wants good wireless connectivity that works in and around their buildings. Expanding the 5G LLC offering to Google inside a property supports this and fixes weak signals in the building. ”

“It’s extremely exciting to be part of the Orion version with Google. CRE is always looking for a solution with connectivity that offers the least resistance. This is an amazing and extremely easy deployment for money managers and property managers alike. It is a privilege to offer my colleagues the opportunity to Google Orion. – Jason Lind, Senior Real Estate Executive

To sign up for Google Orion, learn more or read the deployment guide with a simple click: http://bit.ly/5g-orion-wifi

About 5G LLC

5G LLC bridges the gap between institutional and corporate owners of commercial real estate portfolios and technology providers, including wireless carriers, through cutting-edge solutions and services. Our solutions focus on delivering next generation outdoor and indoor 5G wireless to commercial property owners and their tenants (or residents). 5G LLC’s mission is to work closely with the CRE environment and technology providers to achieve full single digit NOI improvements that translate into revenue improvements, cost efficiencies, and convenience with no capital expenditure. The leadership of 5G LLC, a unique combination of real estate and technology expertise, takes our solutions to a new level.