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Love her or leave her, there is no argument that Kim Kardashian is a powerhouse marketer. With 165 million Instagram followers and 64.5 million Twitter followers (the highest in the world), Kim is one of the biggest brand influencers because of her international social skills.

Whether you’re following or preparing for the latest Kardashian / Jenner / West drama, there are definitely lessons to be learned from their marketing expertise. Kanye told GQ magazine, “To win in life, you need some skills from Kim K., period.” So, let’s go:

Turn the negative into an opportunity
It all started with a certain (cough) “leaked” video, but instead of withdrawing from media attention, Kim took it, took advantage of it, and eventually won a $ 5 million lawsuit that she used to be in herself and invested their business opportunities.

lesson learned:: Things happen. Offers go bad. People write negative reviews. Don’t let it affect your focus. Stand up, dust yourself off, learn from the experience, and find a way to make the most of it.

Be (overly) confident
To say Kim (and her insane clan) have trust in Project is an understatement. They are exaggerated whether it is deserved or not. But, you know what? A study at the University of Berkeley in California found that people who project too confidently are more likely to be recognized and more professionally promoted because bosses are more likely to mistake trust for talent. Hmm …

lesson learned:: You know this statement: “Forge it till you get it”? Do that.

Know your audience
Kim recognized two very important factors in running a successful business. First, she is very aware of her wealth and strengths. Second, she fully understands who her audience is and uses her assets and strengths to connect with her audience. That makes them “real”, relatable and authentic.

lesson learned:: First, define your business strengths, skills, interests and expertise. Take this knowledge and apply it to your target audience. Do the stars align? If not, you’ll have to adjust until they do. I feel better now Yes we all do.

Real life example:: I’m a fan of the relatable, blended brand presence of Geoff Brewer, a Nashville (aka Music City) broker / owner. In addition to running a successful office in the area, Geoff is a professional musician who built his entire brand (and office) on his love for music and real estate. His office literally has a performance phase with Geoff, friends, clients, and his agents performing on a random day of the week – which is often documented on social media. Leveraging his interests and strengths, Geoff gives his audience an overview of who he is both personally and professionally. Check out this video testimonial I recorded of Geoff talking about the culture of his company and you will see how his enthusiasm for his passions and his job is expressed. And here you can check out his band!

The power of the selfie
If you believe that Al Gore created the internet, you can believe that Kim Kardashian invented the selfie. Aside from self-glorification, Kim has mastered the art of the perfect selfie. Here’s the deal: she’s beautiful, she’s the product (heralding other products), and you want to be / look / feel / live just like her. Her social presence is focused on building brand loyalty and helping her followers feel connected to her. She gives them a nice mix of carefully curated, high-profile photos and a “taste” of the personal life that supports their brand.

lesson learned:: Be real, authentic, but also pay attention to the types of content that will appeal to your audience. Listings are great, but a listing that comes with a taste of the lifestyle that can be achieved by purchasing this listing? Well … this is cha-ching.

Real life example:: Check out the Instagram feed from TJ Paradise, a Los Angeles luxury agent. TJ is good at teasing the stunning qualities he represents, along with a mix of his “blessed” life of worldly travel, celebrity friends, love, family, and success. He connects well with his customers because he lives like his customers.

Captivate your audience
Kim doesn’t need your fashion advice, but does that stop her from asking you about it? No! Why is she tweeting and asking you what clothes to wear for the date with Kanye? Because it creates conversation. Because you feel important. Because YOU are part of this story now. Wow cool.

lesson learned:: Be inclusive. Create a story, then invite people to join the story. Test the content before posting (like Kim seeking your advice and later posting photos of what she actually wore that day with Kanye). Tease a story for this hot new collection that is coming out.

It’s not just about you
Although Kim is very confident, she also realizes that it’s not just about her. She pays attention to her audience and includes her family (who also provide small snapshots and insights into her world). Yes, there is a larger strategic marketing plan in place, but there are still great takeaways out there.

lesson learned:: Focus on the needs / wants / interests of your audience (which you specifically addressed under “Know Your Audience” above) and then be inclusive. Connect the dots between your audience and your sphere. Ask yourself, “How can I help you?” and then introduce you to lenders, moving companies, as well as local pizzerias and cafes. The real estate process may be the “norm” for you, but for your audience it is one of the biggest decisions of their entire life. Exceed expectations – and share a selfie as you go.

Real life example:: I like the feeling of inclusivity in Dale Chumbey’s “365 Things” blog, where he focused on a different local business in his community every day for an entire year. He took advantage of this to create SEO friendly content for his website / blog, increase his online followers and position himself as a real estate agent in each of the companies he presented. Genius! So ingenious that I added this approach at 3sixtyfive.agency to your inbox with our “Daily Dose of Marketing Awesomeness”. You can register on our homepage.

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Bondilyn Jolly is a technology entrepreneur, investor, and company director. She is currently Vice President of Marketing at Elevate and Managing Partner of 3sixtyfive.agency, a new digital and creative full-service advertising agency for the real estate sector. She swears she has never seen an episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians.