Annual Banquet to be held Friday | News, Sports, Jobs

FAIRMONT – Every year the Fairmont Chamber of Commerce hosts an annual banquet. Chamber President Ned Koppen described the annual event as “Have fun and that they always have a pretty good turnout.”

“My favorite thing is just to see people” Said Koppen. “Really, it’s just about getting together with our membership and seeing these people one more time and hanging out with them for a while and having a conversation in a relaxed, fun atmosphere.”

The idea is to share how the chamber is doing. All board members will have the opportunity to speak a little during the banquet, share their financial situation, and present annual category companies with awards. The event also includes dinner, a speaker, and entertainment.

The planning of this annual banquet was a little different due to the current pandemic. It starts with what Governor Waltz told them they can do it as well as restaurants and venues. Next, they can set social distance from the room and in terms of limiting the number of people at and distance from the tables.

“If we think through all of these things, can we do this and do it safely?” Said Koppen. “Are we able to follow the recommendations of the governor’s health department and what common sense tells us to do?”

Earlier this month the chamber launched nominations for four different categories. These four categories are Large Company of the Year, Small Business of the Year, Nonprofit Company of the Year, and New Business of the Year.

Big Company of the Year nominations include Fairmont Roofing, Mayo Health Systems, Fareway, and the Holiday Inn. Small Business of the Year nominations include the United Hospital District’s Fairmont Clinic, Martin County License Center, The Ranch, and Bowlmor Lanes. The Lakeview Methodist Healthcare Center, Step Inc., the Red Rock Center, and Rotary are nominations for the Nonprofit Company of the Year. Nominations for the new store of the year are Old Alley Quilt Shop, Dominos, Remax and AT&T. The voting process ended on February 26th.

“The annual banquet is an opportunity to celebrate the Chamber a little, to celebrate all of our member companies, to highlight some of the companies and owners who have done a great job.” Said Koppen.

This year’s banquet takes place on Friday March 5th at the Holiday Inn. Koppen assumes that between 75 and 100 people will be present. Check-in starts at 6 p.m. with a little more sociable time. The event starts at 6:30 p.m.

The general message Koppen wanted to send is that this is where the chamber is located. This is what happened last year, and here the Chamber is on the way forward. Koppen always wants the community to know that they are not taking their job lightly and that Koppen promises that he and his employees will work hard for all of their member companies and the business community.

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