Ascertus Helps London Real Estate Investment Business Adopt Document and Email Management

London, UK – December 9, 2020 – LabTech, a London-based real estate investment firm, has launched the iManage Work Product Management platform with Ascertus Limited as its implementation and support partner. With iManage Work 10 delivered through the powerful iManage Cloud, LabTech’s legal department now has sophisticated and streamlined document and email management processes that are embedded in the day-to-day operations of the team. The system is geared towards the requirements of a rapidly growing company team. Ascertus provides professional service companies and corporate business functions, including internal legal departments, worldwide tailored solutions for information and document lifecycle management on-premise and in the cloud.

Leon Shelley, General Counsel at LabTech, commented, “iManage Work is a very intuitive and easy-to-use platform. We are now all able to work together on documents in a coordinated manner. We can easily access and manage data, which has increased our productivity significantly. “

Today the legal team is able to identify documents, carry out version controls, carry out document comparisons and, above all, properly structure individual work areas for matters.

The implementation and go-live processes ran smoothly and efficiently. Ascertus made sure that all of the data, which amounted to thousands of documents collected over many years, was successfully migrated from Google Drive to iManage Work and aligned with LabTech Legal’s preferred folder structure and workspace. Ascertus also provided valuable user training courses that alleviated system adoption challenges and ensured users saw efficiency and productivity benefits from the start.

Jon Wainwright, Director of Sales and Marketing, Ascertus Limited, said, “Document management best practice is fast becoming a mission critical function in all industries. iManage is a modern solution that can easily be organically adapted to the company. LabTech is future-oriented in its industry with regard to the introduction of technologies and will serve you well for the future. “

About Ascertus Limited
Ascertus offers professional service companies advice and information functions for the lifecycle management of documents, software solutions and IT support as well as business functions in companies. The company, based in Central London, offers a full range of professional services – from consulting to business analysis to project management. Software implementation, training, documentation and technical support – provision of customized email, contract and document management solutions in local and privately hosted environments. The company has successfully delivered and managed some of the largest iManage Work installations at customer sites in the UK. Further information is available at:

About LabTech
LabTech is an international owner and manager of over 2 million square feet of prime real estate assets in central London valued at approximately £ 3 billion. It also invests in various other sectors including collaboration, serviced apartments, events and technology. Further information on LabTech can be found at

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