Chinese, Israeli investors targeted in bid to boost GCC real estate investment

Ahead of Cityscape Global 2021, which will be part of Expo 2020 Dubai in November, special virtual investor summits were organized to promote real estate markets in the Gulf.

According to Informa Markets, organizer of Cityscape Global, the virtual series was designed to involve investors from four key regions who are currently investing in the GCC.

They will focus on Emirati investors, Saudi investors (June 15), Israeli investors (September 7) and Chinese investors (September 21) on May 25, highlighting real estate opportunities and legislation across the region.

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Investment strategies will continue to focus on low risk and return stability, writes Swapnil Pillai, Deputy Director of Research Middle East at Savills

In the months before and after the 20th edition of the live event from November 7th to 11th in the Dubai Exhibition Center, Informa Markets presented a new hybrid format for the real estate fair, which includes investor summits, online seminars and digital networks.

The fair’s switch to a hybrid model follows a report that shows that almost three quarters of real estate players expect the real estate industry in the MENA region to recover within one to two years.

Chris Speller, Cityscape Group Leader, Informa Markets, said, “Our new hybrid model is specifically designed to bring the real estate ecosystem online and enable meaningful conversations between developers, potential investors and a B2B audience from an expanded international audience.

“While a big focus is the live event at the heart of the Expo 2020 website, the use of digital tools – both before and after the event – will help deliver a compelling hybrid experience with effective networking for all attendees over a longer period of time create time for a global audience. ”

As part of the new hybrid model, a month-long digital networking and seminars platform held before, during and after the event allows exhibitors and visitors to search for and identify new leads and contacts around the world based on their investment interests, added Speller added.

Chris Speller, Cityscape Group Leader, Informa Markets.

Cityscape attendees can use AI technology to connect to government agencies, potential buyers, investors, industry suppliers such as architects, designers, and financial service providers, as well as new partners, prior to the live event.

Speller said, “No other real estate event in the world will offer you more B2B and B2C networking opportunities in 2021 than Cityscape Global. We want to network the entire real estate universe, build new partnerships, do business and do business selling. ”

He added that the live event will be held in accordance with Informa AllSecure, an improved health and safety standard to comply with the rules surrounding the coronavirus.