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NIAGARA FALLS, ON / ACCESSWIRE / December 22, 2020 / Chris Lamb, a real estate developer and investor in the Niagara area, recently discussed in an article with TMCnet how technology has impacted real estate investments.

After developing a successful career as a real estate investor and entrepreneur, Chris Lamb shared his firsthand experience of how real estate investing has performed in this age of rapid technological advancement.

According to Chris Lamb of Niagara Falls, there are five main types of technology that have influenced the industry, including the internet, social media, video conferencing, 3D modeling, and digital software.

With the advent of the internet and social media, it is easier than ever for brokers to generate qualified prospects and make offers accessible to a wider audience. Using a variety of tools at their disposal – including websites, social media posts, and paid ads – they can easily post listings and communicate with potential investors and buyers.

“The proliferation of the internet and social media is playing an important role in reaching the real estate market,” said Chris Lamb.

“It is very beneficial to both real estate agents and their clients.”

More recently, real estate investments have developed through video conferencing and 3D modeling. These tools have enabled brokers to present offers through virtual presentations and invite potential buyers to join the tour on their own schedule and wherever.

“Today, coronavirus has turned these specialty tools into industry standards. Virtual tours and demonstrations are now seen as a perfectly normal way to buy a home,” said Chris Lamb.

In addition, modern digital software has helped brokers organization, productivity, and efficiency by helping them effortlessly update quotes, track commissions earned, and other legal and financial factors that come into play during a transaction.

“As real estate technology evolves, so will the industry,” said Chris Lamb.

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About Chris Lamb

Chris Lamb is a real estate developer and investor based in St. Catharine’s, Ontario. After graduating from Brock University with a BA in Political Economy, Chris received a Postgraduate Certificate in International Business Management from Niagara College. Currently, Chris works for Revel Realty in Niagara Falls, where he pursues his passion for building affordable community and investment property in the Niagara area.


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