Commercial Real Estate Hall of Fame: SVN|The Martin Group’s John Martin

Every year, Midwest Real Estate News inducts a new class into the Midwest Commercial Real Estate Hall of Fame. Today we take a look at the bustling career of John Martin, SVN | Chairman and Senior Advisor The Martin Group in Evansville, Indiana.

During a career that began in 1976, John Martin was always a visionary who saw opportunities where others saw problems. This is the philosophy shared by the chairman and senior advisor of SVN | The Martin Group served well as he repeatedly spearheaded new development opportunities.

Together with his two sons, Martin von Ernst and Young was twice selected as a “finalist” for Entrepreneur of the Year in the real estate category. He has established around 35 limited partnerships to acquire, develop and own real estate in the development of more than 10,000 residential units.

“I have always enjoyed the challenges of matching and selling investors as a partner in a new complex program to provide affordable housing for low-income seniors and low-income families,” said Martin. “The real joy was to know that we are providing thousands of units of safe and sanitary accommodation for seniors and low-income families who might otherwise not be able to afford such safe, high-quality housing.”

Martin Group was credited with making the difference by the chief financial officer of a major pharmaceutical company when the company increased its investment in its first fund raised by the bank from $ 5 million to $ 24.5 million. After visiting Evansville, it says, “The Martin group doesn’t just talk, they go for walks, and we feel much better because they oversee the fund. “

“I’ve always worked very hard to understand complicated transactions that many brokers won’t track and to be able to present them in a way that is easy to understand,” said Martin. “I have always been part of as many commercial real estate organizations as possible, both state and national, to understand what is going on in the industry and to make as many professional contacts as possible.”

When not at work, Martin enjoys traveling with his 69-year-old wife and children, playing golf, fishing bass, and traveling and spending time with children and grandchildren.